232 Government Vehicles Contract in Limbo

A government contract for the supply of 232 vehicles by Mirakle Enterprises, a dealer in vehicles is in limbo.
The contract was entered into with the said enterprise by the Ministry of Transport and Aviation(MTA) and the vehicles are meant for use by public servants and traditional leaders.
MTA, in May, 2018, obtained an executive clearance from Office of the President to procure 232 vehicles for newly appointed Judges, paramount chiefs. The procurement runs into over $19M an equivalent of over Le 146Bn.
The Ministry as per the contract terms was supposed to pay 30% of the contract amount amounting to Le 43,802,974,800 with a view to get the contractor to supply the vehicles.
Reports say Government had only honoured Le 2,017,203,500 leaving out a balance of Le 41,785,771,300
It was reported that the Financial Secretary in a correspondence dated 22nd May, 2018 had instructed MTA to seek executive clearance from the Ministry of Finance to pay the remaining Le 41,785,771,300 billion Leones so as to complete the 30% payment. But, the ministry has reportedly failed to seek the Presidential clearance as directed by the Financial Secretary.
The delivery date as per the contract has elapsed as well as the advance payment guarantee since 2nd April,2018.
As it stands, the supplier Mirakle Enterprise is still holding on to the Le 2,017,203,500 paid to him by the Government of Sierra Leone.
The supplier is constrained in supplying the 232 vehicles owing to government’s failure to pay the 30% amount as originally agreed in the contract.
MTA has maintained that the procurement process was constrained by Executive Order No. 2 which, it said, has placed a ban on the purchase of government vehicles.
It has, however assured it will take steps to contact all parties with a view to resolve the matter.

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