“30% Drugs In Pharmacies Are Fake” -MPs

By Ragan M. Conteh

The Independent Member of Parliament from Pujehun District, Hon. Siaka Sama, have disclosed in the Well of Parliament that “30% of drugs in pharmacies across the country are fake.”

Hon. Siaka Sama made this disclosure during the Parliamentary approval of Presidential nominees, including Mr. Sahr H. Ensah, of the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency in Parliament.

According to Hon. Siaka Sama, the indiscriminate use of drugs has resulted to a lot of lunatic youths across the country, adding that those appointed as Board Members by the President should work towards reducing the rate of indiscriminate drugs consumption.

Hon. Sama said the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency is primarily bestowed with the mandate by the Constitution to enforce drug abuse, carry out proper checks, especially some of the quack doctors that pose serious threats in the country.

He also cited the use of “pampas” as drugs by the youths in Sierra Leone, adding that those appointed to these offices should not sit in their offices and write reports but must be proactive enough to monitor the activities of drug dealers and abusers across the country.

The Member of Parliament representing Constituency 028 in Kono District, Hon. Sahr Charles, revealed that the nominees from Drug Law Agency have myriad of issues that needed the Agency’s intervention, especially on mitigating the use and abuse of lethal drugs that have the tendency to destroy the middleman power of Sierra Leone.

According to Hon. Sahr Charles, many of the drug peddlers, across the country, are quack medical personnel who are not supposed to sell substandard drugs that endanger the lives of Sierra Leoneans, especially the youths who are vulnerable to drug abuse.

He urged the appointees to go and serve the people of Sierra Leone and not for political, regional or tribal inclination.

Other Members of Parliament expressed grave concern over the misuse of drugs and the sale of substandard drugs across the country.

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