Ahaji Musa Mansaray formally of 55 Bai Bureh Road, Wellington in the eastern part of Freetown is currently on the run for his life. According to sources gathered by this medium, Alhaji is a student and a soccer player. He is very famous for assistance to visitors and tourist.

According to investigation revealed that In 2012, Alhaji Musa Mansaray Meet Hermann Müller a German tourist who visited Sierra Leone for the very first time. They met at the east end of Freetown in his hotel they became close friends started visiting each other. A reliable source told this medium that Hermann is a gay and that he had introduced Alhaji to his way of life. He offered to pay Alhaji three times what he was making from the hotel if only he could show him some more attention. Hermann and, Alhaji visited places where they discussed important things. One may think that hey discussed important things. One may think that their main subjects of discussion were tourism related but rumor says that there was also a secret sexual relationship between them. This became an open secret that people wanted to confirm. On the 28th November Hermann visited Alhaji at his residence, where they started to play wild romantically. Their romance got very intimate and few minutes later Alhaji’s half-brother who is a fanatic Muslim went into the room and saw them in action. His half-brother went out of the room shouting and called out to their neighbors that his brother is a gay. An angry mob of fanatic Muslim youth in the community came to deal with the abomination in their community. Alhaji managed to escape but Hermann was caught and toured mercilessly. The news met Alhaji’s father who was the caretaker of the community mosque. The old man had an immediate heart attack while Hermann was still in the hands of the angry youths.

They youth’s became very desperate and went in search of Alhaji. They accused Alhaji for his father’s death and the shame and disgraced he had brought on his family and the Islamic community where he had lived all his life. They had vowed to wash the abomination off their society by killing the person who did the tabo0. According to a source who wishes to be anonymous, Alhaji was still hiding in the community when the decision of his family and the Muslim elders of his community reached him. He left the community with the help of our source during the very dark hours of the night. He was believed to have gone to the friends of Hermann for help. Our source has confirmed that the friends of Alfred have helped him to travel out of the country but his destination has not been disclosed. The question most people are asking now is that; “what has been his crime and what is the police doing to protect him from the angry youths.

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