Alpha Khan And His Squealer Tactics Again

By Ralph Simeon Sesay

Many, including supporters of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), are impressed with the recent actions of Alhaji Alpha Khan, who is the former Minister of Mines and Minerals Resources, Information and Communications, Presidential Adviser and Publicity Secretary of the All People’s Congress  (APC) Party.

He was quoted to have openly supported the Vice President Mohamed Juldeh Jalloh and also hugely accompanied and walked the streets of Freetown with the SLPP Leader and Chairman, Dr. Prince Harding, during the burial of the husband of the Deputy Minister of Education, Emelia Gogra. Quite recently Alhaji Alpha Khna also despised a move by his party not to attend the Bintumani Conference.

Many SLPP supporters, including big Vons in the ruling party, have started to hail Alpha Khan, branding him as a true patriot. Despite these commendations, Alpha Khan remains a true son of the APC and a testimony to this is his recent utterances and show of strength across the streets of Port Loko when he returned from the Bintumani Conference.

In all of these actions, Alhaji Alpha Khan made considerable gains by convincing the SLPP Government to release all benefits owed past APC ministers and other government officials. He has emphatically stated that the Minister of Finance has assured him that all dues owed past APC officials will be paid latest this week.

It is therefore clear that Alpha is once more using his maverick during their days in power to get his way for his party and himself. For him it is the appropriate game plan no matter what people might say. Even when the party was supposed to have taken a stance on Alpha Khan for defying their move not to attend the Bintumani Conference, we have noticed total quietness from the leadership of the APC on an action which should have amounted to anti-party activity.

Alpha Khan would continue to play such tactics. A senior APC figure has told the nightwatch that it is Alpha Khan’s new role. The SLPP should watch his moves and in order not to be caught up by the APC’s 99 tactics. All APCers, including Victor Bockarie and Alhaji Alpha Khan, should be watched closely as these are true sons who have demonstrated an unflinching and unwavering loyalty to the cause of the APC party. They would, in way, betray this course even at the point of losing their last breath.

The APC has remained strong and together and there has been no history of major defections in the party since its formation. The institution has showed over the years that it has the capacity to mend fences and secure major election victories. They foundation members of the party have always inculcated the belief that there is victory in the struggles of the party and therefore sons and daughters are urged to hold steadfast during these critical and trying times.

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