An insight into the vision and mission of Don Bosco Fambul In Sierra Leone

By Ibrahim Alieu Kanu
There are many child protection Non Governmental Organizations operating in Sierra Leone over the years, but the ‘Don Bosco Fambul’ which was founded by the famous Italian Roman Catholic Priest Giovanni Melchior Bosco remain exceptional in the taking care of streets and vulnerable children for over 20 years now.
Don Bosco Fambul is a local Non Governmental organization which helps children especially teenagers and other young people who live in vulnerable situations in the capital Freetown and other parts of the country.
Don Bosco is the only child protection organization that goes out to the streets during night hours in search of vulnerable street children,listen to their plights and attend to their needs, take them to their centre and reunify others with their families and empower them through education and skills. The organization also helps children in conflict with the law, victims of physical or sexual abuse, and victims of trafficking.
The vision and mission of Don Bosco are borne out of the Catholic faith and translated into the protection, rehabilitation, family reunification and reintegration into society of children and young people who are victims of the most serious violations of their rights in Sierra Leone and translate it mission to educate, train, inspire and empower young people towards human, social and spiritual growth in line with the goals of the international Cooperation for Development.
Don Bosco has since it started operation in Sierra Leone little over two decades ago succeeded in rehabilitating street children and those who at one time on their lives had in hope of been considered worthy members of society.
The organization has over the years protected potential victims of sexual abuse and also counsel victims of that and help reunify children lost in in the 11 year civil conflict with their parent and love ones.Don Bosco, being Christian based organization has over the years help developed the spiritual growth of vulnerable children and some of them are men and women of God propagating the Catholic faith.
The organization provides shelter for children who cannot be reunified with their parents, mostly orphans and train them with livelihood skills especially those who live in a situation of prostitution.The organization provides nutrition and education for 500 children across the country. It feeds the same number everyday in their centers across the country
During the Ebola epidemic in Sierra Leone which affected 14,124 lives and killed 3,956, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), Don Bosco Fambul was on the forefront to help preventing the Virus from further spreading to other communities across the country and provide care for children left orphaned by the Ebola virus. A presidential award was given to the organization in recognition of its efforts in fighting the Ebola epidemic.
Don Bosco is an organization that Sierra Leoneans from all walks of life should beat their chests to support because it is one of the genuine organizations that is committed to its vision and mission of protecting vulnerable children and change their lives for the better, reunifying streets children with their families, rehabilitating and reintegrating socially damaged children into society for them to be accepted as good citizens.

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