As Impoverished Family Seeks Justice For Property… Lawyer Roland Nylander Implicated

Madam Fanta Tarawalie and her impoverished family are currently seeking justice for their property situated at 122B City Road, Congo Water, Wellington in Freetown.
The property, according to them, was left by their grandmother, Iye Conteh who they said died on 11th, February, 1999.
Iye Conteh, according to Fanta Tarawallie, had at the time of her death affixed place of abode in Freetown in the Western Area of the Republic of Sierra Leone as aforesaid granted by the High Court of Sierra Leone in its (Probate Jurisdiction) to the grand daughter and next-of-Kin of the said deceased according to law.
Fanta Tarawallie said the property in question was handed over to her by her Grandmother, Iye Conteh who groomed her up until her death.

She told this medium that her grandmother had listed her in the document as next-of-Kin.
She revealed that after her grandmother handed over the document of the said property to her, she handed over the documents to his uncle, Ibrahim Sorie Kamara who is deceased now because she was at a tender age.
Fanta Tarawallie furthered that all efforts to retrieve the documents from the late man while he was alive had proved futile.
Series of family dialogue to get the deceased to understand and transfer the documents and the ownership of the property to her as next of kin failed.
She recounted that she had no option after all the hullabaloo around the ownership of the property between her and his uncle, but to seek the services of Lawyer Sylvanus Kayanko to represent her and the family with a view to retrieve the property.
Our investigations have revealed that Lawyer Roland Nylander had acted as solicitor for the deceased, Ibrahim Sorie Kamara, the uncle for Fanta Tawawalie.

It was reported by family sources that lawyer Nylander was fully in charge of the said property before and even after the demise of Mr. Kamara.
Night watch is in possession of correspondences from Lawyer Roland Nylander dated 24th June 2019 after the demise of Mr. Kamara, directing all the tenants in the said premises whose ownership was in contention informing them that with immediate effect from 1st day of July, 2019 the management of said property has been passed on to him (Lawyer Nylander) and that all matters pertaining to the tenancy of the property, including payments of rents owed and future rents should be paid to him at his chambers.
Family members have told nightwatch that the late man in several meetings with the deceased (Ibrahim Kamara) had out rightly indicated the fact that his lawyer (Roland Nylander) had all the documents relating to the property including the Housebook.
Attempts by Fanta Tarawallie and his family to settle the matter upon the death of their Uncle Mr. Kamara amicably, have been forestalled by the fact that the Housebook is nowhere to be seen.
All fingers are pointing to Lawyer Nylander. The family is highly suspicious that there are surreptitious means to convert the property to people that have no business with the said property.
A Receipt also available to our desk shows that Roland A. Nylander, Barristers & Solicitors ADELE CHAMBERS, had received a part payment of two million Leones (2,000,000) from the late Ibrahim S. Kamara to prepare letters of Administration for him.

The property from all indications belongs to the Tarawalie family and how comes Mr. Nylander would go ahead to attempt to transfer its ownership. to the deceased ?
“This move by Roland Nylander and the deceased was highly suspicious as a ploy to deny Fanta and other family members of what rightfully belongs to them.
When this medium contacted Lawyer Roland A. Nylander at his office past Thursday 12 July 2019 at around 2 P.M, Lawyer Roland A. Nylander acknowledged that he was the lawyer for Ibrahim Sorie Kamara until his death a month ago.
He further told this medium that he had instructed the tenants upon the demise of Mr. Kamara to pay all rents owed to the family to him and that he got such authority from the family.
Lawyer Nylander also confirmed in my presence when I went to get his own version of the story that the house rightfully belongs to the late Iye Conteh(deceased).
He refuted the fact that the property belongs to Fanta Tarawalie who was reportedly given the property by her late grandmother (Iye Conteh).
Our investigations around this matter are startling and lawyer Sylvanus Kayanko for the Tarawalie family has told this medium that the Lawyer for the deceased(Lawyer Nylander)is making the ownership of the property contentious.
He disclosed that he has filed a notice to all the tenants in the said property to vacate, failing which he would take court action against them on 31st July 2019.
He noted that if they fail to quit he has no option but to take legal action against them.
Sylvanus Kayanko Esq is confident that the court would force anybody in possession of the housebook for the property to produce it when the time comes.
Lawyer Nylander on his part has noted in a meeting with the family in my presence that he has washed his hands off the entire case.
He denied having the housebook neither he knows who is in possession of it.
The million dollar question is now around the missing Housebook.
The poor family headed by a woman is seeking redress for her property and calls on human rights legal organizations to come to her aid.

To be contd.

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