As Le 62Bn. Goes Missing With No Supporting Documents… Fiscal Discipline My Foot

The New Direction’s so-called fiscal discipline campaign mantra has been thrown outside the window as the government continues to spend taxpayers’ monies with complete disregard for financial management practices.
The Auditor General’s Report for 2018 which reported a loss of Le 140 billion by government, has further noted that Le 62,153,797,786 was spent by both Public Enterprises and MDAs with no supporting documents and other justifications for the spending of those monies.
MDAs and Public Enterprises, according to the report, also accounted for over one hundred and twenty-two (Le 122,000,000,000) of the one hundred and forty billion total loss (Le 140,000,000,000).
The report also discovered that over five billion Leones was lost as a result of irregularities on the payment of salaries and other benefits by both MDAs and Public Enterprises.
The report had also unpinned huge losses on payments without approvals and not accounted for, statutory deductions not paid into revenue and unbanked amongst others.
These huge anomalies by a government that has prided itself in upholding a highly sound and efficient fiscal discipline is worrisome.
The Auditor General’s report had uncovered a trend across MDAs and Public Enterprises just like what they had condemned the past APC Government.
The discrepancies and the lack of fiscal discipline have permeated across all government entities including the Offices of the Vice President ,Chief Minister, Education etc.
The very high offices have been exposed by the Auditor General’s report for not being able to rise above the expected credibility in terms of accounting for public funds.

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