As More Winners Emerge… Mercury International MD Emboldens Customers

Managing Director of Mercury International, Mr Martin Edmond Michael has encouraged the company’s lottery and sports betting customers across the country to always feel free to bet more within their reach to be able to join the long list of daily winners from the company lottery products.
With over Le6B winning in three different daily lottery draws, the company made a massive payment to an estimated figure of over seven thousand customers, and such a big payout left the Mercury International MD not only in a joyful mood but also reassure his customers to increase their chances of winning more money.

To further strengthens the confidence of his customers, Mr Martin Michael revealed that the draw hall at their Siaka Stevens Street office is always open to everyone to witness how credible and transparent the draws are.
“The draw is accessible for everyone to watch. Let me allay the fears of those who are still in doubt, we cannot play with the machine because we are conducting a 100% fair draws, that is why we do have so many observers from all walks of life and different agencies as well as the media who are assigned by their institutions to witness the process of each and every draws.” Mr Micheal avers.
“Mercury International is here to help our customers and not to cheat on them. That’s why they are always ready to give winners their money. We are paying every single winner for their winnings,” Mr Michael reiterated by encouraging the football enthusiasts to bet more especially the online betting opportunity because they have more variety than the lottery.

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