As Old Wharf Lights Up… Opposition MP Fulfill Promises

By Ragan M. Conteh

One of the vibrate and development oriented Members of Parliament, whom many residents in Constituency 114 referred to as the trailblazer for development, Hon. Dr. N’fa Koroma, representing Constituency 114, has donated solar lights, worth millions of leones, to the Wellington Old Wharf Community in the east of Freetown.

Old Wharf Community is one of the deprived densely populated communities, which has a population of over 12,000 residents.

Presenting the solar panels lights to stakeholders in the Wharf Community, Hon. Dr. N’fa Koroma said he made several important promises, during his campaign in 2018, for the people of his Constituency, adding that, although his political party lost the polls in 2018, such promises should not be buried in the carpet.

According to N’fa Koroma, Old Wharf Community is in his heart, adding that, as an MP, representing the most formidable political party, he deems it prudent to fulfill the promise he made for the provision of solar lights to the people of Old Wharf Community.

N’fa Koroma pointed out that, as MPs, their mandate has limitations especially on making laws, oversight functions and representations. But, due to the thorny concerns of the people in his Constituency, he decided to take a robust function, out his mandate, to help salvage the problems of the Old Wharf Community.

He said the solar lights donated will help reduce crime rate, boost security in the community as well as help remove his people from perpetual darkness. He said development goes with everyone and thanked his constituents, especially stakeholders, for standing by him during hard times, informing that he will do everything humanely to help bring development in not only Old Wharf Community but the entire Constituency.

Apart from the provision of the solar lights, according to Hon. N’fa Koroma, he has also commenced the construction of an ultra-modern Community Center in the same community as promised during campaign.

He appealed to the people to be patient with him; as he said it is very hard for them because it is not their party in power anymore. “We, as opposition MPs, are facing harsh times in Parliament. We cannot attract much development because our party is not in power,” he said.

He also appealed to residents to be proud of the APC at all times; even though it is out of power. “I promise to do more,” he assured them.

The Old Wharf Assistant Youth Chairman, Mr. Hassan Kamara, who made a statement on behalf of the Chief of Old Wharf Community, Ya Bora Kargbo, expressed appreciation to Hon Dr. N’fa Koroma for the gesture, adding that since he was born, in 1970, no Member of Parliament has ever done what Hon. Koroma did in the community.

He said the construction of the ultra-modern Community Center is one among the biggest developments their community has benefited from their MP.

Explaining their current predicament, they said the community is facing low electricity supply and water crisis.

Councilor Arthur Shekie Mansaray, representing Ward 493, in his statement said the MP has demonstrated truthfulness and fulfilled the promise he made during elections. He said, as MPs, they are trying to bring development in their community, but appealed for collaboration and oneness as well as respect for authorities.

The APC Chairman, Mohamed Daramy, thanked the MP for lighting their community, adding that the people of Old Wharf Community are appreciative of the donation.

He said Old Wharf Community has been suffering in the hands of criminals and thieves, especially so when the community is in total darkness. He informed that, with solar lights, thieves will be afraid to steal their fishing nets and other properties.

The APC Chairman assured the MP that, come 2023, they will bring back the APC to power, as it is the only party that brings development to their doorsteps.

The Public Relation Officer (PRO) of the Old Wharf Descendants Organization, Mohamed Tellie Jalloh, also thanked the MP for the donation, which is geared towards promoting the community’s security.

He said, as an organization, they are very pleased to work the MP to help improve the living conditions of the people, and explained the strides they have made so far in the community.

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