As Public Concerns Mount Over Koroma’s Security… IG Moigbeh Maintains Sealed Lips

As concerns continue to mount on government, over their action of withdrawing the security detail from former President Ernest Bai Koroma, the New Direction government has been embroiled in series of last minute attempts to get out from this imbroglio.
The latest of such efforts, after various porous defences from the Government Outreach Coordinator, the Minister of Information and several other media outfits of the Government, is a press release from the Office of the Government Spokesperson in the Ministry of Information and Communications, noting that the business of security is a core state function.
Since the withdrawal of the security detail, the Sierra Leone Police, the state agency responsible for providing security to the former head of state, which also eventually made changes in the latter’s security detail, has remained silent over the matter.
We are not sure whether the Police Inspector General has replied to the letter from the former President as protocol demands. The IGP would not want us to believe that his organization would throw under the carpet such a serious issue. He should make public their position on the matter by simply replying to the issues raised by former President Koroma.
Government has been embroiled in a series of responses to the withdrawal; even when, in such responses, they have noted that this is the core responsibility of the Sierra Leone Police. Why are they continuing to be jittery over an issue they are convinced they are not involved in?
All over the world, Police institutions would take responsibility for their actions. There is a clear distinction between the Government media structure and that of the Sierra Leone Police.
The media release from the Government Spokespersons has continued to show the insincerity of Government over, according to the former President, what is due him.
We are aware that the leadership of the APC party has brought to the fore several actions by SLPP surrogates at the Freetown’s International Airport; where the former President was denied using the Presidential lounge, which has always been a norm in the country.
There have been complains of the new administration recognizing the former President as a statesman largely because he has decided to engage himself in active politics, but it is his right and the business of the APC.
Government and the Presidency should seriously reflect on a sentence on the press release, which states that:
“Government would like to fully assure former President Ernest Bai Koroma that the security of his person and his family cannot be compromised; just in the same way President Julius Maada Bio would want to have guaranteed security upon his retirement.”
The Police should realize that it has a sacred responsibility to make their actions transparent and accountable to the people of Sierra Leone. Maintaining complete silence on such an important issue will undermine the trust and confidence reposed on them.

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