As the Digital Journey intensifies… Orange rolls out 4G Services to BO & Kenema

By Ragan Conteh
Sierra Leone’s leading Telecommunications Company, Orange Sierra Leone has poised to invest an additional $24 million to provide more sites and access to the telecommunication facilities in the country.
Speaking during the launching of the rial 4G broadband internet in Kenema and Bo past Tuesday and Wednesday, the General Secretary, Orange Sierra Leone, Haffie Haffner, disclosed that the company stands out for providing access to ICT facilities in Sierra Leone, adding that the launching of the rail 4G stands as a landmark for the people of Kenema and Bo.
She disclosed that Orange is the first company to invest after the Ebola with $35m in 2016, informing that the network was in bad shape after the Ebola but through the resilient effort of the company, they have started working day and night to provide quality service to Sierra Leoneans.
Mrs. Haffner stated that Orange is currently operating in 20 countries in Africa including Sierra Leone, adding that it is an opportunity for Sierra Leoneans especially Kenema to be the second city to benefit from the fastest 4G internet broadband.
She also said that the company has invested over $55m to add modernized equipment and additional new sites across the country.
She further disclosed that Orange Sierra Leone currently has 247 sites in 925 localities with 105 modernized power stations across the country.
Mrs. Haffner pointed out that the rail 4G broadband launch will help the company’s customers to have access to faster and cheaper internet accessibility.
The Chief Marketing Officer, Orange Sierra Leone, Alimatou Mbaye, said Orange stands to benefit Sierra Leoneans a lot in connecting everyone in the country.
Alimatou Mbaye went on that Orange Sierra Leone will continue to grow and make life easier for everyone, adding that Orange is currently sponsoring 50 Ebola orphans and that the company has also invested $1,5m on the free education scheme as part of the company’s corporate social responsibilities.
She assured the people of Kenema and Bo of the company’s continued provision of the best and affordable quality services to the people of Sierra Leone.
Madam Mbaye implored the people of Kenema and Bo to make good use of the rial 4G internet broadband opportunity for them to have access to the internet and other facilities.
Paramount Chief of Nongowa Chifdom, P.C. Sadiq M. Kapuwa Matoe IV, expressed thanks and appreciation to Orange Sierra Leone for considering his chiefdom as the second to benefit from 4G facility.
P.C. Matoe IV considered such action by the company as the best, adding that Kenema is a place to do business and that for Orange to improve on its services in that part of the country, is a laudable venture.
He appealed to Orange to always take his chiefdom as one of the priority areas for investment especially in telecommunication services.
The Nongowa Paramount Chief concluded by imploring the company for given the people of Kenema the 4G opportunity that will help them access faster and cheaper internet connectivity.
The Mayor of Kenema City, Thomas Karimu Baio, who launched the 4G thanked Orange Sierra Leone for choosing Kenema as the second city to have access to 4G facility, a development he perceived as the best option because the city requires a speedy internet opportunity for its growing population.
The Mayor however appealed to the company to fulfill its promises like what Orange has done to other cities in Sierra Leone, and assured the company that the Municipality of Kenema will make use of the 4G opportunity provided by the Orange Company.

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