As Yenga Remains A Security Issue… Guineans Invade Salone

By Tony Yayo
There still remains a security and economic threat in Yenga town, Kailahun district, as residents in that area are reportedly complaining about the lack of adequate security personnel to enforce the current border closure in that part of the country.
This threat is caused by the huge presence of Guinean security personnel who are controlling parts of the border areas in Yenga Township.
During a recent investigation conducted by this press, residents of Koindu Town, in the Kissy Teng Chiefdom, Kailahun District, said the issue of border closure at Yenga is going to be a difficult one, as the Guinean soldiers have now moved further into Sierra Leonean territory, making it very hard for the traditional and local authorities in that part of the country to quarantine or isolate anyone using that entry point.
According to the representative from the Office of National Security (ONS), Albert Sesay, the security issue is hindering the economic and security prospect of the area, as the occupying Guinean forces continue to disrespect all COVID-19 protocols put in place by the Sierra Leone government.
He disclosed that the first case of Ebola in the country was recorded in that part of the country, adding that the said patient used the Yenga border axis to enter Sierra Leone unchecked.
Albert Sesay continued that, although the area has been handed over to the Sierra Leonean authority, the Guineans have moved their demarcation line right inside Sierra Leone territory. He urged the government to do something now or else the Yenga region will serve as the same entry point for the COVID-19 in the country.

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