Attempts by Cabinet and Parliament to legalize illegality Foiled

An attempt by Parliament and the Cabinet of Sierra Leone has failed on Friday to legalize illegality by totally expunging section 42 of the 2020 Finance Act.
APC opposition Leader, Chernor Maju Bah, who was absent when the bill was passed by majority of MPs at Sierra Leone Parliament with the exception of Hon. Tawa Conteh had maintained that it was an error on the part of Cabinet and Parliament to have included and debated sections 42 which, according to him, has to do with expenditure when the Finance Act of 2020 was purely a bill around revenue generation.
Hon.Daniel Koroma of the APC was also of the same opinion and this explains why there was no delay so far to expunge the bill even when President Bio had earlier on asked for a ceiling.
Chernor Maju Bah had also maintained that there was no way Parliament would debate around a ceiling when they have not had a basis in terms of what has been allocated to the President as imprest.
Members of Parliament had acted appropriately on Friday when they unanimously expunged section 42 from the Finance Act of 2020, putting to rest further concerns around the issue.
Many Sierra Leoneans also had issues with the clause around the granting of sole sourcing being given to the President for security and other related procurement items.
The provision to grant the President such powers and the limitation of the NPPA just to certain amounts in terms of conducting end to end reviews, has been described as a usurpation of the powers of the NPPA.

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