Betrayal… APC MP Dodges Parliamentary Voting

By Ragan M. Conteh

Hon. Mohamed Bangura of the main opposition, All People’s Congress is accused to have dodged a voting process to approve the new Head of the National Electoral Commission (NEC).

NEC is charged with the constitutional responsibility of conducting public elections and referenda throughout Sierra Leone.

The accusation came from APC members and supporters who told Nightwatch that Hon. Bangura took a French leave immediately the voting process commenced in parliament.

Hon. Bangura’s presence in the debate and absence in the voting, APC members say, portrays him as a politician who works only for his selfish interest.

Hon. Bangura’s dodgy act has been linked to ‘brown envelops’ he has been receiving from unnamed officials in betrayal of his own political party.

Party stalwarts and members were stunned as to what prompted the APC MP to dodge a voting that will determine the party’s future in the coming elections.

A great number of supporters say Hon. Bangura is widely known for dodging critical parliamentary debates.

However, several other members were not convinced and still lost in wonders. They see Hon Bangura as a man who has a skeleton in the cupboard.

“What I witness on Tuesday 28th July 2020 is unbelievable. My eyes cannot catch Hon. Mohamed Bangura in the Well of Parliament during the voting for the approval of the Returning Officer and Chairman of the National Electoral Commission. Wonders never end. ” An APC Member wondered.

Bangura has been quoted saying that: “President Julius Maada Bio is my personal and intimate friend.”

The perceived intimacy Hon Bangura shares with the Presidency, APC alleges, compels him to betray his party during critical moments in parliament.

The act has been seen as a naked betrayal of a party that is working hard to bounce back to power in the 2023 polls.

“This is not the first time Hon. Mohamed Bangura is betraying the party on important issues in Parliament. while we are working hard to pursue a cause to save the country from constitutional abuse and violations, our own party members are clandestinely working to derail our effort, this is sad and heartrending,” an APC stalwart  alleged.

“It is mind burgling to see a person who has been appointed Information Minister and elected MP to have moles in the system,” an APC stalwart wondered.

The boycott of APC members especially Hon. Bangura, APC alleged, has resulted into the defeat of the APC’s stance to reject the NEC boss.

The outcome of the contentious debate indicate that  a total of 78 ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party, four National Grand Coalition, 3 Coalition for Change, 14 Paramount Chief MP’s voted the approval of the Chief Electoral Commissioner while 51 Opposition APC MP’s including four 4 Coalition for Change MP’s voted against it.

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