Bo City Rated Most Peaceful

By Ragan Conteh
The Assistant Inspector General of the Sierra Leone Police in the Southern Region of Bo, AIG K.S Kamara has been lauded by many in the city of Bo for his active role to tackle all armed robbery, lawlessness and other criminal activities in that part of the country.
Alimamy Jalloh benefactor of Orange Sierra Leone, On Wednesday 7th August, 2019 revealed that for several months now Bo district especially Bo city has enjoyed peace with no major crime in that part of the country.
According to Memunatu Paul Pratt, Bo city is one of the most peaceful wherein companies, individual, investors and all Sierra Leonean can do their business safe and enjoyed peace are the moment.
She said the security personnel are really working hard to curb crime rate in Bo city and its environs adding that the crime rate has drastically reduce in Bo.
Responding to the commendation from all the speakers, the AIG K.S Kamara, disclosed that the Sierra Leone Police (SLP) is the national police force of the Republic of Sierra Leone, that is primarily responsible for law enforcement and crime investigation throughout Sierra Leone.
He continued that the Sierra Leone Police is also tasked with a statutory duty to maintain law and order and to keep the good peace of every community across the country.
AIG K.S Kamara thanks the people for the commendation and assure that in as much as he is in Bo city all crime will not have any room to disturb peaceful citizen.
He said it is added feather for the security in the southern region where major government institutions are erected and that such acclaimed for the police in that part of the country will motivate them to do their work more effectively efficiently with no fear or favor.
He concluded by commanding all who heaped praises on them and assured the people of the southern region for continue policing the area to end all forms of crime endeavor in that part of the country.

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