Brother Testifies In Brother`s Death Trial

By Musa Paul Feika

Police prosecution witness, Emmanuel Sesay, has testified before Magistrate Alhaji Suliaman Koroma of the Ross Road Magistrate Court No.1, in the ongoing murder trial involving two accused, namely Momoh Kaigo and Yatta Kaigo, for allegedly murdering his younger brother, Alimamy Siaka Sesay.

The incident purportedly took place on the 1st May 2020, at Ghairawani Street, Fourah Bay in Freetown.

The witness continued his evidence stating that he recognized the accused as well as the deceased. The deceased was his younger brother. He added that he could also recall the day in question.

According to him, on that fateful day, he was at home with the deceased, but added that, after few minutes, the deceased left the compound. The witness said that he suddenly heard the deceased exclaiming out of the compound, “They have killed me; they have killed me.”

Mr. Sesay said, upon hearing the voice of the deceased, he immediately rushed out and saw the 2nd accused, Yatta Kaigo, and her children, making a telephone call to one okada rider to come and pick the 1st accused. He said he overheard the 2nd accused saying that “Momoh has killed Alimamy Momoh, pleased come and escape with him,” the witness informed the court.

He said when he proceeded to the 2nd accused`s door, he saw blood stains on the ground. He said he also saw the deceased, and his younger sister, Mariama Sesay, in a pool of blood. The witness said when he asked Mariama Sesay about what had happened, she intimated him that the 1st accused, Momoh Kaigo, had allegedly stabbed the deceased, Alimamy Siaka Sesay, on his neck and ran away.

Mr. Sesay said he ran after the 1st accused until he was caught and arrested with the help of an okada rider named Jack. He said the 1st accused was taken to the Kissy Police Division in Freetown.

The witness said the 2nd accused was apprehended at the Kissy Police Division on the same day, and he made a statement in respect of the matter.

On the last hearing, the accused were unrepresented and they thus conducted cross examination by themselves.

According to the police charge sheet, the accused, on the 1st May this year, at Galandwane Street, Fourah Bay in Freetown, murdered one Alimamy Siaka Sesay.

The matter was adjourned to 31st August, 2020.

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