Catholics Want Archbishop Tamba Charles Investigated

Some members of the Catholic Community in Sierra Leone want the Archbishop of the Freetown Diocese Tamba Charles resign his position with a view to save the face of the Catholic Church in Sierra Leone from the current brouhaha.
The Archbishop is currently on fire from Francess Bio, the former wife of the President who has seriously castigated the Archbishop of having deceived her and also wrongly advised President Bio in going into a pubic marriage amidst the current economic situation and his marital position in the church.
Francess Bio in a video that has gone viral on social media has dented the credibility of Archbishop Tamba Charles.
She had accused him of failing to guide his flock but rather contributed in getting its astray by superintending over wrong actions and machinations.
She accused the man of God for a number of wrong doings and even to have committed other sinful acts that should not be associated with a man of God.
The allegations are serious and require the Archbishop to respond now or hold his peace forever.
The allegations against Archbishop Tamba Charles and by extention the Catholic Chruch are very serious and require the Church’s unfettered investigation with a view to save their hard earned image.
It is also but fair that we hear the side of the Archbishop on this very serious saga that is currently facing the Church in Sierra Leone.
Francess Bio has threatened to take the matter to the Vatican and her desperation was very clear in her tonation which had showed total disappointment and frustration at what had happened to her and her family.
As the Archbishop did few hours into the marriage to clear a number of issues which are now in contention it is also but fitting that the Church or the Archbishops Office come out clean and comment on the number of allegations against the man of God.
We are maintaining this position against the backdrop that some of us are Catholics and very concerned that a church which has contributed immensely into the Educational and socio-economic advancement of Sierra Leone by building hundreds of Educational institutions, health centers could have its name dragged into the mud just because of the actions of one man.
The Catholic Church would remain at the center of Sierra Leone development aspirations and no one man would reverse its gains and good name.
We are calling on the church to come out clean and conduct an unfettered investigation on what went wrong with a view to make a number clarifications on the various misgivings that are been paraded on social media on the decision of the Church especially the Archbishop.

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