It has almost been a cliche that SLBC prides itself as the first radio station in West Africa. The fact however is that it has not maintained its first position over the decades. Their challenges are more human than material.
For a long time lackadaisical attitudes have held sway over the employees of the station reflecting the general attitudes in the public services. They do not even realize that as a Corporation as distinct from the civil service they should generate the funds from which they are paid in addition to any subvention from Government. Not only do they refrain from airing some programs on Saturdays but they have also been relaxing on public holidays. An example is the popular Morning Coffee which is not broadcast on Saturdays. After all there are two or three teams for that program. Why these teams should not serve the nation alternatively is a great wonder.
It was therefore a wonder on the May Day holiday to hear the Concern Citizen program. It could have been a mistake due to the enthusiasm of Peter Z. Incidentally Peter Z has been working on public holidays while his colleagues relax. If all workers at the SLBC were as enthusiastic as Peter Z the SLBC would have been a lofty institution rather than the doldrums in which they are.
We would like to see all the SLBC programs on the air working at full throttle on Saturdays. Is the Director General of the SLB reading?
Robin Fallay is a beleaguered figure even if he may not admit it. He has been trying to be a political spider. He knows that he was not properly elected as a Member of Parliament. It was by a queer circuit. It was the doing of one ugly magistrate who was later promoted.
Now that Robin Fallay has been displaced from Segbwema he has found a new home in Port Loko. Perhaps he thinks that the Port Loko people are naïve enough to leave their citizens to vote for Robin Fallay. Is Fallay dreaming?
Those friendly to Robin should advise him to return to his rightful base in the SLPP rather than remaining in the APC where he is still considered as wonderer by staunch APC members. In fact some regard him as a spy.
It’s now no news. The news will be. SLPP defects to NGC. The fact is that when a person returns home there is not much of a ceremony. Some people who are still in the NGC are also regretting their membership of NGC but are ashamed to return. Are we soon to see only members of the Executive remaining in the NGC before 2023? Let’s wait and see.

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