Dangerous Islam Panelist
City Peep brings jokes and serious issues as and when they arise. One of the most serious issues arose past Friday, May 11th when a panelist declared that Muslins should marry Muslims with regard to a dispute between a Christian and a Muslim. That panelist should be investigated because he appears to be an agent of IS that has lost all its phantom caliphate territories.
The fact that there are about 70 percent Muslims in this country does not mean that the rest of the population should be converted to Islam. Incidentally unlike politics salvation does not depend on numbers. Nobody votes for another to go to heaven. By the look of things hell will be overpopulated by people like that panelist who seeks division.
What that agent of IS does not realize is that intermarriages are some of the best solutions to religious animosity. He does not know that religion is love for God and man. Let him also realize that God does not require uniformity of religion and that one religion is as good as the other. Let that man be removed from the panel!

Government has not been clear in the use of the Queen’s English. They need to be precise. They should have known that the use of dollars is not confined to United States dollars though it originates there. For lack of initiatives some other countries have named their currencies as dollars.
Since these things are so City Peep is not so gullible as to believe that USD1 billion can be squandered just like that. Most of our grants and loans are usually in a few hundreds of dollars so how can USD1 billion go up in smoke like that? Come on! CP is anxiously waiting for a clarification for the public at large.

Politicians are so disingenuous that they even politicize words to suit their crooked motives. Now after elections they tell us politics is over so let us concentrate on development. They are just being devious knowing that politics cannot be over. It is elections that are over every four or five years. When this definition of politics comes from ministers it is time for them either to go back to school or to quit politics because it is over.

If Amnesty International stops calling for the abolition of the death penalty they will be out of employment therefore they have to keep calling for its abolition for survival. If the killing of a Bio could not move President Julius Maada Bio to start implementing the death penalty leave him alone. He belongs to the denomination that specializes in paedophilism. Keep posted on City Peep and you will be sated with information and entertainment.

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