Deveaux’s Fake APC Membership
Readers would recall the verbal encounter between Cornelius Deveaux in his capacity as Publicity Secretary of the APC and flag bearer of SLPP, Brigadier Rtd Julius Maada Bio. In one of his mindless broadsides Cornelius posited that Maada Bio was not a property owner. He went on to say that Mrs. Fatima Bio is a foreigner. Up until the time of his flight he had not withdrawn those untruths.
His escape has proved beyond all reasonable doubt that he is a man of straw. He is too feeble to stand the heat of intense politics. It has now been heard from the grapevine that he was the brain behind the boycotts and walk outs of the APC. He even suggested and got adopted the days of red to coincide with the verdicts that led to their anti-government stance at their headquarters. Gallant men don’t escape. Why would a man with the courage of his convictions leave the rest of his comrades in the lurch if he is not an unrepentant coward? If every official of the APC fled like he did that would have been the end of the APC. Thanks however to the faithful members who can face the music any day.
Cornelius Deveaux is nothing but a coarse, foul mouthed and remarkably vulgar windbag.

Appearances & Non-Appearances At COIs
Except for Commissions of Enquiry which do not quite act according to the rules of procedure of courts, accused persons do appear before legal authorities. In the ongoing Commissions of Enquiry some are for Persons of Interest to appear in person and others are for them not to be constrained to do so.
Here we have arrived at Conflict of Interpretation as distinct from Conflict of Laws. Here we begin to have an inkling of the findings of the Commissions. The Commissioner who does not require the presence of Persons of Interest has begun to show how liberal his findings will be. We can only hope that he will not be full of the milk of human kindness but that justice should be done. The end result is for persons found guilty of misappropriation to be identified along with what they misappropriated.

The concept of the toll road was by the SLPP but it was implemented after they were booted out. Government is of necessity continuity if anarchy is not to prevail. As a result the toll operation goes on regardless. But there was a rider to this concept. There was to be an alternative road for those who could not afford to pay the tolls. The alternative road was to be vehicle friendly. That boisterous fugitive Publicity Secretary of the APC was urging vehicle owners to use the alternative route if their vehicles were not to be damaged.
Now that there is a change of guards there seems to be nothing done in repairing the alternative route by the paopa government. That’s too bad. After making all the noise about the cost of the toll road what have they done? Nothing.

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