Why No Banger Notice?
In the days of old up until last year the public was reminded to desist from activating bangers at random during the festive season.
Is it that the retiring Inspector General is now ‘’lef handle’’ in a mood of not caring about what happens because he is going?
Already some people can hardly sleep at night because of the shocks of indiscriminate sounds of bangers.
Others with heart problems have suffered from a worsening of their conditions.
Is the Inspector General implying that the law on bangers has been repealed? Let us know!

Rapists seem to be beating the system in spite of the life-long incarceration of culprits.
The government should again do some brain storming. Are there not other ways of getting potential rapists to conform to the law?
City Peep presumes that one of the reasons why the people do not care about the penalty is that the messages are not getting through to the potential rapists.
This is because it cannot be rational for anyone in his right senses to perform an act that does not usually last for more than five minutes that has a consequence of life imprisonment. The fact is that they do not understand.
The language RAPE used in the publicity is not usually interpreted in local parlance.
Even in the native languages one hears the word RAPE. It is a pity that the equivalent of the word in other languages cannot be obtained, but we can come closest.
In Krio and other local languages let us use the word GRIP or its equivalence and see the effect and the possible change in attitudes.
If people really understand the consequences of their acts they would not be foolhardy enough to take the risk. Sure .Try It!

The post of District Officer was not originally in the Local Government Act as was the position of village heads.
But the APC created the position. Whether their positions are superfluous is another matter.
There have been reports in the media that some of them have been going around chiefdoms like lords of the manor and collecting or coercing Treasury Clerks to give them money for fuel which is not a statutory requirement.
That is obviously corruption. The ACC should take note. Moreover Treasury Clerks have not been accountable and should be carefully probed because lots of revenue for government is going into their pockets.

Why is Cornelius Devaux still in the diaspora? The reason is that he is a wanted man. Is he not man enough to face the music?
After all the man has not committed a treasonable act.The worst that can happen is incarceration which will be brief.
How is he going to spend the festive season in exile? To be a politician is not easy.

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