Who says gari is not good food? Blessed be cassava from which comes gari and foofoo that have kept the vast majority of citizens from hunger and starvation.
Rice is precious but scarce. When the going is good some citizens would deny they have not eaten even if you give them two plates of gari or cassava.
Few people know that most of the Police Force have been living on gari or cassava while they wait on government for the much-needed rice supply.
Some Police Officers have called on City Peep to advocate for them to be supplied gari to prevent starvation.
Others prefer rotten rice because what kills not fattens.
Government should think twice before throwing or giving rotten rice to animals.
Like the dead pigs that the veterinary doctor told us does not kill but people should not eat them, so rotten rice will not kill the Police.
From next year the Police like the army should be planting their own rice to bring food sufficing nearer than 2030 after President Bio should have had a second detriment to become Rtd. Brigadier Julius Maada Bio.

The First Lady of Sierra Leone, Madam Fatima Bio, put her finger on the vexed question of teenage pregnancy.
She revealed what has been suspected for long and made public the shocking and disgraceful habit of fake Reverends and Imams luring girls into All Night vigils or prayers or studies and sexually assaulting them.
They are impostors and not real if she finds out.
They are false prophets. Parents and guardians should beware.
What she inadvertently failed to mention is that camping by real teachers for night classes is a more organized system of girl child abuse than those of the false prophets.
Lock them out. These night classes or night sex orgies should stop forthwith.

The failing of two ex-Heads of state of Algeria for 12 and 15 years respectively does not bode well for other Heads of State now relaxing in sweet retirement.
Those two must have been caught unaware owing to an unexpected change of government.
The unexpected always happens. As a result City Peep is advising all ex-heads of state in their own interests to prepare for the worst .Lonta.

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