It is not for nothing that figures for the rise of COVID-19 are increasing exponentially in the Western Urban Area. The conditions for this situation are ideal unwittingly. The authorities are pointing fingers elsewhere. Mosquitoes breed when there are stagnant pools which is why they are more prevalent in the rainy season.
Sugar ants appear from nowhere when there is sugar especially exposed sugar. Dogs appear where meat is thrown in the rubbish heap, etc.
One category of nurseries in Western Urban is found in public transportation especially while boarding vehicles. It is unfortunate that the authorities in the EOC do not condescend to witness the greasing of faces that breathe into one another as they struggle to enter vehicles.
After that, they enter the vehicles and sit shoulder to shoulder with the pretence that they have removed one passenger per seat. And all this is without face masks. We are told by the epidemiologists that some people are asymptomatic, meaning that they do not cough or sneeze but can be carriers of the disease. Dangerous.
The other category of nurseries in the urban area is in the market places. Check Sani Abacha Street, Guard Street, Rawdon Street and Lumley Markets, to name only a few. O mos for dis? While yo are asking your face is one foot from the seller.
Another category of nurseries emerging is at the funeral homes. It is noteworthy that funerals are not held in churches and mosques for the time being but mourners are clustering at funeral homes without social distancing or masks.
Tell me with all these uninhibited practices why Sierra Leone is not coming first from behind for all the wrong reasons.
The promise by the Drivers Union for mask has not been effected. Perhaps it will be implemented when we reach one thousand cases.

It is said that common sense is not so common. True. The print and electronic media are guilty of publishing or broadcasting numbers of constituencies without stating their locations in the midst of hundreds of constituencies in the country. Do they imagine that voters would memorize all constituencies so that when they refer to any constituency it would be known by the readers or listeners? Let them put on their thinking caps, please.

Prayers have been increasing everywhere except in the churches and mosques where there should be corporate prayers and where Christians are told that where two or three are gathered God will be there.
But the more prayers increase the more the virus becomes more virulent. Does this not suggest that the prayers should decrease so that the disease would also decrease? Is God answering affirmatively according to the results of the prayers?
One of the first measures of the paopa Chrismus government to scupper the pandemic was to close churches and mosques hastily in spite of the suggestions by some wiser heads for a limitation of worshipers in sessions after the washing of hands and social distancing. But the “pious” President overruled that. Can the spike in the cases be blamed on worshipers? Certainly No.
Meanwhile market places and transport stops were crammed with people falling over and infecting one another unknowingly. That is what they are still doing.
Why should the government not lift the complete closure of worship places with limitations so that priests and congregations would pray for the state? Never too late.

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