Coping With Rape

Rape is forcing someone to have sex against one’s will. Elder citizens would recall that in the days of old rape was a very rare phenomenon. Why it has become a sort of hobby for even married men and elderly citizens is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. What is worse is that it goes on even though life imprisonment has been declared by the President as the penalty.
Readers should take note of the fact that food and sex are two of the most violent instincts in man. And when it is considered that instinct is an inborn tendency or ability there is likely to be a measure of understanding of why some people behave as they do without condoning their behaviuor. In these circumstances we may consider lust as one of the factors responsible for rape. Lust is so serious that Jesus Christ said that if anyone looks ts a woman lustfully he has already committed adultery with her in his heart. Lust is sometimes induced by indecent exposure which is rampant by seductive girls on the loose. This calls for the enforcement of dress codes by the Police if any.
When it comes to unjustified excuses it is not unusual to hear about sexual perversions. Indeed there are perversions in every facet of human life which is why some people who appear to be sane are not quite right in the head. Society has been so tolerant of such citizens that they are classified by the terminology of Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transsexual (LGBT). It is interesting to note that this category of human beings does not indulge in rape but carry out their deviant activities among themselves where they are tolerated.
One of the dangers of rape is that victims are exposed to sexually transmitted diseases some of which can be incurable. The break out of HIV in recent years adds a macabre dimension to the rape issue. Sexual perversion is no excuse for sane adults who can rape girls under 18 years or even infants. Here there is no excuse of temptation by indecent exposure. It is due to sadism or superstition that sex with an infant could lead to the perpetrator’s prosperity.
It is known that in spite of the life sentences for perpetrators rape has been on the increase. It would be ludicrous for a government that is reluctant to impose the death penalty for murders to impose one for rape. There are several ways to kill a cat. The government can do more. It would appear that like other messages the new law has not got down to grassroots level in a big way. The government’s Strategic Communications Unit should not only be concerned with political issues but also with such social issues like rape that have to do with the destinies of our future generations. The message about the new penalties for rape should get down to Chiefdom level. No sane persons would like to spend the rest of his life in prison for a few minutes of sensual pleasure. And when the cases are taken to the police there are pleas for them not to be charged to court owing to compromises by parents and guardians which should now be new offences punishable by law.
Hard labour should be added to the life imprisonment for rape offenders.
Unless such measures are enforced the penalty for rape and its State of Emergency will be full of sound and fury signifying nothing.

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