Diaspora Focus Crowns Rado Swarray Minister of the Year

Rado Rahman Swarray was crowned over the weekend as Minister of the Year at the Diaspora Focus National Development Awards at the Golden Tulip Hotel in Freetown.
Mr. Swarray who was amongst the first crop of Ministers appointed by President Bio continues to handle the covetous seat driving through Government’s Media and Communication Strategy amidst a very defiant opposition.
The organizers say Rado Swarray is a shining light in Bio’s Cabinet and has strongly worked to propagate the ideals and programs of the New Direction Government.

The Information Minister since his appointment has taken on Government’s ICT mainstreaming and legislation, rebranding of the country’s image abroad as well as meeting government’s promise of repealing the Criminal Libel Law in Sierra Leone.
Rado Swarray has worked very well even to the admiration of opposition pundits in driving President Bio’s agenda especially in the Communications sector.
Many have applauded his fairness in terms of creating an enabling environment for all players in the GSM sector and also ensuring that issues around the implementation of the UDAF and the general administration of NATCOM the GSM regulators are sanitized.

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