Donald Trump & The End Times

By our News Analyst

The election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States seems to be in sync with the predictions of ‘Born Again’ Christians that we are indeed in the end times.

He has been bestriding the world like a colossus.

But do you blame him?’

Nor blame dog but blame who gi dog bone’ (Don’t blame a dog for all its grimaces when it is in possession of a bone but blame who gave it the bone).

In this case we blame the Americans who voted for him.

The man is unsuccessfully trying to turn the United States into a race-hate state.

He is coarse, foul–mouthed racist and indecent.

Donald Trump has raised so many international crises since his election that one is tempted to think that he has a super-brain with all the answers to the world’s problems.

Earlier, in his first year of Presidency he has shown his true colors by describing developing countries as ass-hole countries unabashedly.
His wall between the States and Mexico project has suffered a setback but he is still persisting because of his ‘’omniscience’’.

The man has withdrawn the United States from almost every international organization in his misinterpretation of ‘America first’.

He is oblivious of the fact that you cannot be yourself in a great democracy like the United States.

A bizarre act of the maverick is by provoking a Trade war with China.

And the rest of the world is likely to suffer from the spillover effect.

It’s like the grass suffers when two elephants fight.

His infraction with Iran over the Nuclear Treaty is especially noteworthy for a treaty that was seen to be about to be fulfilled in its terms.

Now he has placed other signatories to the treaty in a quandary with sanctions over their heads for doing business with Iran.
He almost went into war with Iran but whimsically backed off at the last minute.

His encounter with the North Korean leader is another act of brinkmanship.

After some provocations he has sought to mend fences by meeting the leader while the rest of the world gasps.

If biblical predictions are anything to go by it would appear that the Presidency of Trump is in fulfillment of the last trumpet that will blow simply by adding et to Trump and you have the word TRUMPET.

We should also be aware of the fact that Jerusalem is the original capital of Israel and not Tel aviv.

Donald Trump has the sole authority to declare war and we should not be surprised if he wakes up one morning and declares war on North Korea after drinking enough whisky.

Be prepared!

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