Emerson Bockarie Ridicules ‘New Direction’ -Labels Them ‘Gbagbaty’ Gov’t

Sierra Leone’s performing artist and social commentator, Emerson Bockarie has exposed the ‘New Direction’ ‘Gbagbaty’ and lawlessness within its ranks.

Bockarie’s musical lyrics, loaded with anti-‘New Direction’ rhetorics accused government of lack of sound economic, educational and agricultural policies.

The music indicates that the government has   misused the security forces to mishandle victims of the Corona Virus, to name but a few.

Emerson Bockarie was dubbed by the main opposition All People’s Congress Party and its sympathisers as a ‘Mende Man’ who sympathises with the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party.

Such tribal ties, the opposition says, made him not to lash at their wrongdoings.

Many had gone as far as accusing Bockarie and his wife of receiving salaries from the ‘New Direction’ government, a move they say has stopped the artist’s critical songs.

These APC operatives and Sierra Leoneans who had displayed such imagination were taken aback when the musical legend, alias the ‘’Last Man Standing’’ released his 19th Album on Monday 10th August, this year.

The album which is the first since the ‘New Direction’ came to power has clearly exposed government’s weak links especially its inability to solve the country’s socio-economic problems.

SLPP, the main opposition said, had been touring the length and breadth of the country while in opposition with claims that they had what it took to change the country’s economy.

They hope to achieve such objective through prudent management of state resources.

Emerson ridicules the fake ‘Free Education’ presidential flagship project and challenged government officials to bring their children into public schools if they trust the Scheme.

He lashed at them for wrongfully criticising the APC but also following their footsteps by providing jobs and allocating state resources mainly along tribal and political lines rather than on merit.

He also exposed every bit of government’s inability to enforce their much-talked about discipline in the civil service, efficient handling of public property; strengthen the fight against corruption and the bogus promises of the Minister of Finance to deal with the country’s bread and butter issues.

He accuses the First Lady and other government figures for perpetuating violence and recommending mob justice by dividing the country rather than promoting national cohesion.

The ‘Last Man Standing’ expresses complete frustration with the so-called ‘New Direction,’ which he says has failed to provide the promised new path.

He says government officials are busy amassing wealth at the detriment of the state.

Emerson sounded the bell that government had kept on asking for more time even when they had failed and cautioned that Sierra Leoneans will wait as 2023 is very much around the corner.

He dedicated Sierra Leone to the Almighty God as the Bio Government has spent much time on academia instead of addressing the country’s social problems.

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