EU External Investment Team Interacts with Sierra Leone’s Private Sector

A day after the principal adviser of the EU’s Investment strategy for Development and Innovative, Arianna VANNINI met President Bio at State House the team yesterday organized a session with Sierra Leone’s private sector to showcase the European Union’s latest approach in supporting developments in its member countries.
Speaking to journalists after the session, Arianna Vannini, Principal Adviser Investment Strategy for Development and Innovation Financing who led the EU’s team, stated that the EU external Investment plan is a new approach developed by the EU to support member countries’ development process with very close emphasis on sustainable energy and sustainable connectivity; micro, small and medium enterprise financing, sustainable agriculture, rural entrepreneurs’ etc.
Arianna says the approach promotes inclusive growth, job creation and sustainable development and also tackles some of the root causes of irregular migration.
The approach, the EU Principal Adviser was informed to address the instability and conflicts in Africa.
The EU, she continued, has been aggravated by the global economic crisis, reducing access to financing for much needed investment.
Instability and conflict, according to the EU, have also exacerbated the ongoing migration crisis with more people than ever on the move in Africa and the neighborhood.
The EU Principal Adviser lauded the potentials of Sierra Leone such as the youthfulness of its population, political stability and peace, the climatic and weather conditions and noted that these are additional advantages that the country should tap into the EU’s investment strategy for development and innovative financing.
She disclosed that the EU is quite aware of the priorities sectors of the New Direction Government including public financial management and lauded the commitment of the new leadership at the EU in strengthening its ties with member states.

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