Fissure among key members of the APC undermines progress

The rift among key and senior executive members of the opposition All People’s Congress in the likes of Ernest Bai Koroma, Osman Foday Yansaneh and Minkailu Mansaray have in quite recent times undermined the much needed peace, progress and unity in the APC.
Credible sources at the senior echelon of the APC told this medium that Osman Foday Yansaneh and Minkailu Mansaray are not on speaking terms for over a month now largely because the two have expressed interest in running for the Chairman and Leader of the Party in the next Party delegates’ conference.
The two, according to sources, are also not in peace with Ernest Koroma and are alleging that Ernest Koroma is fermenting problems in the party by encouraging the comeback of Chief Alhaji Sam Sumana of C4C into the APC to vie for the coveted position of flagbearer.
The trios have blamed Ernest Koroma for weighing heavily on them to handpick Dr. Samura Kamara as the party’s flag bearer for the March, 2018 elections leading to the eventual failure of the party to win the elections.
The trio with the huge influence of former President, Ernest Bai Koroma, have been blamed for orchestrating a number of policies leading to the manipulation of the party structures to their individual benefits.
The NRM, a youthful section of the party, has squarely blamed them for wrongly capitalizing on the SELECTION CLAUSE to discriminate against candidates for the party flag bearer and for also thwarting the voice of the party delegates.
There are reportedly wider divisions in the party with regards who to support for the 2023 race between Chief Sam Sumana, Dr. Kamara and many other candidates who are yet to resurface thanks to the resolved commitment of the NRM to ensure that constitutionality prevails in the election of a flag bearer and other elective positions in the party.
The situation in Parliament also with the APC MPs is also a whole issue as many within the party are also of the opinion that the party’s leadership in Parliament should change to make way for a better leadership to save the party from the current mess.
There are wide ranging allegations that the current crop of leadership is betraying the cause of the party.
Few vibrant and young MPs in the likes of Hon. Abdul Kargbo, Lahai Marrah, Daniel Koroma and many more are increasingly challenging the illegality that is waving through our Parliament and badly needs a change of guards in Parliament.

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