Flood Victims Perish in Slum Communities

By Ragan Conteh
Hundreds of victims who were hit by flash-floods across the country are appealing to government, non-governmental organizations and other well-meaning philanthropists, to help with food and other non-food items to ameliorate and mitigate their sufferings.
Amidu Serray Conteh, a resident of Kroobay community, one of the worst hit slums in the country who spoke on behalf of the victims, noted that every year his community and many others experience flash-floods.
He said the increased storm frequency and intensity related to climate change are exacerbated by such local factors as the growing occupation of floodplains, increased run-off from hard surfaces, in-adequate waste management and silted-up drainage.
He said government is responsible for reducing the flood risk to their communities.
He called for more awareness around the circumstances responsible for flash-floods and ways to mitigate them.
Thousands, according stakeholders in the affected communities, the victims are currently perishing especially so when their produce and houses including properties, have been washed away by the heavy downpour.
In Kailahun, over 700 people have been reportedly displaced and this is also the same in the capital, Freetown and the Western Area Peninsular village of Tombo.
Properties worth millions of Leones have also been reported vandalized.
Victims have pleaded to government, NGOs, individuals and other charitable organizations to come to their aid and salvage their current predicament.

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