Front Line Media Team Commends NPPA

National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA) has become the second institution to be commended by Frontline Media Team, (FMT), an independent media institution that monitors activities of Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDA’s) and advise the President accordingly.

NPPA is a government agency that regulates procurement activities of all MDA’s to ensure value for money and stop corruption.

FMT yesterday showcased NPPA as an institution that is corrupt-free and walked along the path of the ‘New Direction’ Government in making sure that state resources are used wisely.

The ceremony took place at the NPPA headquarters at Tower Hill in Freetown.

Deputy Coordinator for FMT, Michael Katta urged public institutions to pay attention to the regulatory body, NPPA.

“It has been deliberate for me and my team to let the people of Sierra Leone know how pivotal NPPA is,” he said.

Mr Katta told the audience that he decided to bring in Public relations strategies in order to make sure people know the relevance of the institution.

“We have been doing a great job and this will serve as motivation to do more for other appointees,” Mr Katta promised.

NPPA is one of those government agencies that are fighting hard to stop corruption which, before this time, was common in procurement processes and activities done for the state.

The procurement regulatory body recently canvassed the support of parliament to approve the Procurement Regulations, 2020 so that it can be in harmony with the National Procurement Act.

Few days back, NPPA has released the price norm to MDA’s and called for strict compliance with the norm.

The selection of NPPA for commendation by FMT is directly linked to the activities it has been pursuing to ensure that public resources are properly utilised.

Explaining further about FMT, Mr Katta said he was opportuned to do a lot of things during the campaign period although he was a civil servant.

He said corruption was the main reason the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) was removed from power in 2007.

“The critical reason SLPP government was voted out of power in 2007 was that they were corrupt. An opportunity was given to APC and they were also voted out of power because they were also corrupt,” he said.

Mr Katta therefore warned MDA’s not misuse the opportunity given to the ‘New Direction’ Government to govern the country by indulging into corruption.

He saw corruption in MDA’s as a key factor that would cost political power to the ‘New Direction’ government if it is not tackled immediately.

Considering that the provision of services by government is made possible through taxes collected and loans secured, FMT is poised to ensure that government resources are judiciously utilised.

“If you can manage the institution well, if you put structures in place be assured that the government can survive,” Mr Katta advised.

In his Statement, Mr Katta rules out relying on individuals serving a particular government institution, but expresses strong belief in building the institutions.

He hopes that institutional building would not only help the current government but also subsequent governments.

He however warned FMT members to observe and maintain integrity in the execution of their duty noting that only public institutions that have done well should be profiled.

“Profiling any public institution should be based on the achievements that institution must have done,” he warned.

“Don’t do it because you know the person or someone wants to be in the limelight. If you do it from an independent point of view and the facts are not actual, you will be deceiving the President,” he stressed.

He referred to the FMT as a small institution, but can play an important role in determining the longevity of any government.

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