In Waterloo… Fake Traffic Police Arrested

Sources at the Waterloo Police Division has intimated this medium that a fake Traffic Police Officer who has been posing as Police Constable 14068 Francis Lahai on Tuesday ran out of luck and was arrested by civilians at Four Mile Park Waterloo, after reportedly stealing a mobile phone in full Police uniform.
Our source continued that fake Police Constable 14068 Francis Lahai came to Waterloo Police Division some few months ago and claimed that he has been transferred from Mena Police Division to Waterloo.
Sergeant Jimmy, Station Sergeant at the Waterloo Police Station, admitted fake Police Constable Lahai into the Police records at Waterloo Police Division and posted him to Lumpa Police Station without seeing the Memo from Human Resources that has transferred the fake Police Lahai to Waterloo Division as Police protocol demands.
Fake Police Constable Lahai ran out of luck when he was arrested and brought to Waterloo Police Division on larceny allegations.
Fake Constable Lahai was later interrogated by Police officers present and it proved that he was not able to respond to many questions around basic policing including his Police Identification Number (PIN).
At the point of interrogation more and more civilians came to the Waterloo Police Station to prove that the said individual had in his capacity as traffic police officer arrested a number of bikes which up to this point are missing.
Preliminary investigation immediately commenced on his the true identity of fake Police Constable, Lahai and that his residence at Waterloo has been searched and dozens of Police traffic uniforms have been discovered, but the real Police Constable Francis Lahai who is deployed at Eastern Police Division has made statement while the Police Case Enquiry file together with the fake police suspect has been transferred to Ross Road Police Regional Headquarters for further investigation.
This incident clearly exposes the collapsed systems in the Sierra Leone Police.
How comes that a fake police constable would just approach the police administration at Waterloo claiming to be transferred to Waterloo and be immediately accepted without any memorandum from the Human Resource Department of the Sierra Leone Police ?
This exposes the failed and collapsed systems in the Sierra Leone Police.
The inability over the years of the management of the police to procure decent uniforms for the rank and file of the police that cannot be faked by criminals is also a worrisome sign.
How comes that the management of the police has designed a decent uniform for the police officers on peace keeping missions and cannot procure one for home duties in country, is a million dollar question ?
It is possible that we have a good number of fake police constable Lahai’s across the country un-noticed causing mayhem.

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