Kadija’s Murder Trial Continues

By Janet A Sesay

The murder trial of Kadija Madinatu Saccoh came up again yesterday before Magistrate Mark Ngegba of Court No 2.

Led in evidence by state prosecutor, Yusuf Sesay, the 5th prosecution witness, Emmanuel Lahai who is an engineer said he knew the deceased as daughter to his boss, Abubakarr Saccoh, who is based in America. He said he also knows the 1st accused, Marima Sajor Barrie, as aunt of the deceased. He identified the 2nd accused, Ibrahim Bah, as son of the 1st accused.

He recalled 17 June 2020. He said, on that day, he was at home when he received a call from his boss who gave him information which he acted upon the next day.

The witness furthered that, on 18 June, 2020, he went to Isatu Jabbie Kabba, aunty to the deceased, where he met other family members who were there preparing to bury the deceased.

He said, while helping with the preparations, he received a call again from his boss who gave him information, and, based upon that information, they decided to postpone the funeral. He said he later went to the Lumley Police Station and made a report at the Family Support Unit.

According to him, he was referred to the Criminal Investigation Department where he made a statement to the police.

The witness continued that he explained to the police officers that his boss’ daughter had passed away, and that they were not satisfied with the cause of her death. He said, whiles obtaining statements from him, he was asked about the body of the deceased. He said he told them that the deceased was at the Columbia Davis Funeral Home.

He said he took the police to the funeral home together with Papa Saccoh’s uncle to the deceased and Mariana Saccoh’s aunty to the deceased from the father’s side.

He said, upon their arrival at the funeral parlor, they were denied access to the body and the Madam who was in charge said that they cannot see the deceased unless they brought the people that handed over the remains to them.

He said, on that note, he called Isatu Jabbie Kabba and explained to her that it won’t be possible for them to see the deceased without the other side.

He continued that police officers said they would not do anything until a post mortem was done on the deceased.

Defense counsels for both accused said that the prosecution brought the witness just to waste the time of the court, and so they will not cross examine the witness because he has not said anything in court.

At this juncture, State prosecutor Yusuf Sesay sought for a date that he will bring the other witness to court.

The accused, Mariama Sajor Barrie and Ibrahim Bah, were arraigned on two counts of conspiracy to murder and murder, which offences are all contrary to law.

The charge sheet indicates that the accused, on Wednesday 17 June 2020 at Spur Road in Freetown, conspired together with other persons unknown to murder Kadija Madinatu Saccoh.

Both accused were remanded in custody and the matter comes up again on the 28th August 2020.

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