Kamarainba In Coma

By Janet A. Sesay

Leader for the Alliance Democratic Party (ADP), Mohammed Kamarainba Mansaray went into coma at the height of yesterday’s proceedings owing to his lawyers referred to as a prostate cancer.

His collapse halted proceedings in court as the situation became rowdy.

The ADP Leader is in court for an eight-count indictment of an alleged sexual penetration and other related offences.

He was arraigned alongside his co-accused, Marion Arouni who allegedly aided and abetted the offence.

The collapse of Kamarainba Mansaray in court coincided with the taking of the witness stand by the eleventh prosecution witness, Mohamed Sapuka Konuwa.

The witness was however stopped from testifying by the collapse of Mr Mansaray.

Mr Mansaray shouted and collapsed when the witness was about to be led in evidence by the prosecutor, Umu Sumaray.

“I am feeling pain in my heart,” the ADP Leader shouted for help.

The accused fell on the floor rolling and shouting, and police officers arrived at the scene and helped him.

Effort to call an ambulance to convey Mr Mansaray to the hospital failed as Justice Taylor’s call was not picked up by health personnel.

He lay on the floor for over twenty minutes before he was loaded into a female correctional service vehicle and taken away.

Lawyers representing the accused had previously informed the court that their client was suffering from prostate cancer, a factor that prompted them to apply for bail.

The bail was to ensure that the accused access medical service and gets back his health for a smooth and speedy trial.

The state alleged that the first accused, Mohamed Kamarainba Mansaray sometimes in March and April 2020 at Diamond Lodge Hotel in the eastern town of Kono sexually penetrated a girl below the age of 18 to wit 15.

The second part of the indictment also stated that the accused conspired with the second accused, Marion Arouni to penetrate victim.

The matter comes up on 2nd November.

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