Land-Lady Charged To Court for Murder

By Musa Paul Feika
One Kadiatu Mansaray has made her first appearance before Justice Emmanuelle Harding, one of the High Court Judges of Sierra Leone, for allegedly murdering one Alpha Kamara at No. 10 Pipe- Line in Moriaba Town.
Alie Ganda, a first-hand witness in his testimony, told the court that he knew the accused as his father-in- law and that he acknowledged the accused as his former land-lady and recalled sometime July 2018.
The witness also told the court that on that fateful day, he was at home when himself, the deceased`s daughter together with the deceased went to one Pa Abu Black, a tribal head, because of a complaint made against his daughter, Sallamatu Black and, according to him, they were told by Chief Abu Black that the deceased demanded the summon letter but to no avail.
The witness informed the court that the deceased told Chief Black that they would not sit on the matter without seeing the summon letter.
He said himself, the deceased`s daughter together with the deceased himself left for home.
The witness furthered that on their way home, as they were approaching the accused`s residence, the accused ( Kadiatu Mansaray) together with her relatives started using abusive language at them.
Mr. Ganda disclosed to the court that the deceased went further and advised the accused to stop her relatives, adding that herself should not join the relatives but rather than to serve as an example to them.
The witness testified before the court that why the fracas was ongoing between them, the accused picked a stone and threw at the deceased’s fore-head and he was later taken to the police station where they were issued with a police medical form for treatment.
But, according to him, the deceased was taken to three hospitals stating that they were unable to treat him (deceased) and that he was transferred to the Connaught Hospital for treatment.
Ganda in his testimony, told the court that one Wednesday, the deceased went to them to go to hospital for treatment but he said Alpha Kamara while awaiting for his daughter, the deceased leaned on the chair and there he passed away.
At this juncture, the defense Counsel Ishmael Philip Mammie, sought for an adjournment which was granted and hence the matter was adjourned to 24th October 2019.

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