Magistrate Expresses Anger Over Numerous Telephone Calls

By Musa Paul Feika

Magistrate Hannah Bonnie of Pademba Road Magistrate Court No.1 has expressed anger over the numerous telephone calls she has been getting from both the parties. That is, the accused and the complainant in relation to the ongoing human trafficking matter before the court.

She disclosed this before the two parties and both the Defense counsel and the police prosecutor, Inspector Fofanah. She also highlighted some of her roles and responsibilities as a magistrate whenever a matter is brought before her.

She added that, as a magistrate, her role is to look into matters and observe if there is sufficient evidence. Depending on this the matter is discharged or committed to the High Court for trial.

Hannah Bonnie continued that, whenever a matter is brought before the court, she does not entertain any of the two parties to contact her until she makes judgement of the matter or commit same to the High Court for trial.

Magistrate Bonnie admonished both the defense counsel A.I. Kamara and police prosecutor Inspector Fofanah to warn their clients not to repeat such an action. She added that if any of the two parties attempted to knock at door of her office, she vowed to get that individual arrested.

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