Man Remanded For Burglary

By Musa Paul Feika 

On Friday 9th October, 2020, Victor Koroma appeared before Magistrate Alhaji Suliaman Koroma, who presides over at the Ross Road Magistrate Court No.1,   for the offences of burglary and larceny, which are contrary to the laws of Sierra Leone.

The police prosecution witness, Detective Police Constable 17727, Fuaward Swaray, attached to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) Congo Water Police Post Wellington, in Freetown, told the court that he recognized the accused and could recall 29th July, 2020.

Mr. Swaray said, on that fateful day, he was on duty at the Criminal Investigation Department at the aforesaid division in Freetown, when the complainant, Ann Maria Kallon, reported a case of burglary and larceny to the above mentioned unit. The witness added that the matter was assigned to him for investigation.

He noted that he issued a police medical request form to the complainant for treatment at the Rokpa Government Hospital, Wellington in Freetown.

On the same date, the witness said, himself and Detective Police Constable 14259, the complainant, visited the crime scene at No. 27 Lower Melon Street, in Freetown. He said, upon their arrival at the crime scene, he noticed that the ceiling in the complainant`s palour was cut, which creates a tendency for someone to easily enter.

The witness said he took photographs of the scene, which photos were later developed into pictures and were produced and tendered as exhibits.

On the 31st July, 2020, the witness said the complainant and Detective Police Constable 1678 arrested the accused and took him to the Calaba Town Police Division, where a statement was obtained from him. He stated that, at the end of the statement, the accused admitted it to be true and correct by affixing his right hand thumbprint, which was witnessed by Detective Police Constable 14000 Koroma O.

Mr. Swaray recounted that, on the 14th August, 2020, the complainant and a team of police officers, from Congo Water Police Post, visited the alleged crime scene, at No. 27 Lower Melon Street, Wellington in Freetown, and conducted a search.  During the course of the search, he said nothing of police interest was discovered. He said the accused had signed the search warrant to confirm that nothing was carted away by the searching team. The endorsed search warrant was produced and tendered in court to form part of the case file.

On the 10th August, 2020, he concluded his testimony, informing that he charged the accused with the offences of burglary and larceny, which are contrary to law.

According to the police charge sheet, Victor Koroma, on 29th July, 2020, at No. 27 Lower Melon Street in Freetown, stole certain properties of the complainant, Ann Maria Kallon, which are worth millions of Leones.

The accused was not represented, but, during the cross examination, he put it to the witness that he denied the accused allegations. In reply, the witness answered yes.

The accused put it to the witness again that, during the course of the search at his premises, nothing of police interest was discovered. To which the witness answered in the affirmative.

He finally asked the witness about the evidences he had so far he gathered to charge him with the offences. The witness said he charged him based on the advice from the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP Office).

The accused was denied bail and sent on remand at the Male Correctional Centre, Pademba Road in Freetown.

The matter was adjourned to 19th October, 2020.

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