Men And Women Were Not Created Equal

By Our News Analyst
The fact that there is an International Women’s Day raises questions about inequalities. It may be an attempt by men to upturn the inequality of the two sexes at God’s creation.
A beautiful and chaste woman in the perfect workmanship of God, the true glory of angles, the rare miracle of earth and the sole wonder of the world said Hermes in his infatuation, Virtue, modesty and truth are the guardian angels of woman. Most men like in women what is most opposite their own characters. “It is the law of eternal justice that man cannot degrade women without himself falling into degradation; and he cannot raise them without himself becoming better – A. Marten. Victor Hugo said men have sight, women insight.
Women are gradually veering away from the purposes for which they are created into the roles of men. If they have their way they want to do everything men do.
They do not even want to know why God did not create only one sex of all creatures .The Jews are more realistic about this matter of the equality or inequality of the sexes. In their Jewish synagogues the men say “Thank God I was created a man.” In response the women say “Thank God you made me as you wanted.” This does not go down well with those who are not satisfied with their sexes. They say God made a mistake in creating them as they are so they go in for transsexual operations. That is how we have the LGBT evolution going on among maladjusted human beings. Even in sports they want to do all the activities of men. In bed they want to take over being on top.
It is in this bid for 50-50 resulting in the formation of a whole organization for that purpose that makes nonsense of the whole idea of sexual equality. The suffragette movements are OK. But striving to be on equal level with men does not make sense. Meritocracy is what the developed countries are thriving on. Never mind the dictatorship of Rwanda where there is an exception about female representation that proves the rule.
The fact that women were created from the ribs of men does not show any equality. Let women be given more space but not equality. It is not true that equality is a law of nature. Nature knows no equality. Without any whiff of chauvinism it is realistic to state that feminism is unattenable and unnatural.

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