Mercury International, Michael Family Supports Radio Mount Aureol /CTN

The country’s leading Sports betting and Lottery Company through its Managing Director, Martin Michael has pledged Le 50,000,000 (Fifty Million Leones) to Radio Mount Aureol /CTN as support towards their fundraising drive.
The drive is geared towards promoting and maintaining a balance, objective and accurate reporting in Sierra Leone, the
A pledge of Le 50,000,000 (Fifty Million Leones) was made on behalf of the Michael family and Sierraeye Magazine by the Mercury International M.D. totaling the sum to Le 100 Million Leones (One Hundred Millions Leones).

The Sports Betting Company MD stated that, understanding the role of radio journalists and their various mediums of communication is critical in provoking a national debate around key national issues of importance.
Such importance he continued cannot be bought at King Jimmy but that professionals engaged in such ventures have to be trained to be able to undertake their roles effectively and efficiently.
The fundraising event organized by Radio Mount Aureol /CTN was very significant in ensuring that, students of the Mass Communication Department are not only limited with theoretical method of learning but are also exposed to the practical aspects of their profession.
He added that without Radio Mount Aureol /CTN as a teaching station, employers such as Mercury International will only get professionals who can effectively present programs.
“This station is not only performing a service for the students but for employers, it saves us having to spend millions on initial training.We can use such funds in sponsoring advanced trainings on modern technology,” the Mercury International M.D said.
Meanwhile, Mercury International’s support to Radio Mount Aureol /CTN is not new. The Station has been one of the beneficiaries of the Company’s advert support to media institutions in Sierra Leone over the years. This has also helped to maintain the editorial policy of the radio, making it one of the best broadcast media in the country.
Credit: Mercury International PR Department

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