Minister Accused of Political Interference

By Mohamed Juma Jalloh
Eldred Tunday Taylor, Deputy Minister of Energy and Power stands vehemently accused by Waterloonians of using his political influence to prevent the duly elected headman of Waterloo assume his position.
The residents are dissatisfied by the vacuum created by an election petition initiated by one of the leading contestants, Alusine Sesay generally perceived to be supported by the Deputy Minister of Energy.
Edward Koroma a resident at Soja town, Waterloo expressed his annoyance that this development has stalled development at the Waterloo Township.
He continued that the village is challenged with several development issues such as water and sanitation, poor town ship roads, lack of township market, intermittent power supply and the non existence of standard lorry parks.
Emmanuel Conteh another resident of Waterloo also pointed a finger of accusation at the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power as the political heavy weight in the present dispensation responsible for the headman election stalemate.
He pointed out that, Mr. Eldred Taylor is the divisive political operative who is using all his powers at his disposal to prevent Lesley Oseh Whenzle Williams as the rightful headman to take his position.
Mr. Conteh noted that Lesley Oseh Whenzle was declared by the National Electoral Commission (NEC) as the legitimate winner of the headman elections with his competitor Alusine Sesay trailing behind by more than 200 votes.
Residents further accused the minister of orchestrating violence behind the scenes that led to postponement of the elections from March 2019 to September 2019.
Waterloonians have confirmed that the Minister supports a violent group that paraded during the elections, stabbing people with the aim of creating chaos and disorder during the electioneering.
According to reports the ring leader of the group called Junior John was perambulating the township with a 190 unregistered Benz unleashing physical aggression and destroying the electricity meters of perceived Oseh Whenzle Supporters.
“Some of the suspects perceived to be responsible for the violence were apprehended and handed over to the Police, but the Deputy Minister used his influence to get them released.”One of the residents disclosed.
In reaction to the allegations, Eldred Tunday Taylor, the Deputy Minister of Energy and Power said all the allegations are based on insinuations because he is the most prominent Waterloonian in President Bio`s government.
Mr. Taylor challenged Waterloonians to provide any evidence to confirm that he is supporting Alusine Sesay.
“Any one with evidence of financial and legal support made to Alusine Sesay let the individual bring it forth”. The Minister noted.
He continued that he is a proud indigene of Waterloo and presently all his relatives still resides in the Village, adding that he would one day return to Waterloo to live among his people.
He concluded that if Alusine Sesay who contested the headman election felt aggrieved due to election malpractices and decided to seek justice through an election petition, what does that have to do with Eldred Taylor? The Minister asked.
It should be noted that the Election petition matter between Oseh Whenzle Williams and Alusine Sesay has been adjourned three times by Justice Momoh Jah Stevens.
The next hearing is slated for the 21st February 2020.

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