Mohamed Konneh For NEC Boss

Sources have intimated this medium that the Director of Financial Intelligence Unit (FIU), Mohamed Kenewui Konneh will soon take over as Chief Electoral Commissioner.

In such capacity, Mr Konneh would head the National Electoral Commission (NEC), a body charged with the responsibility of conducting all public elections in Sierra Leone.

This means Mr Konneh would conduct the 2022 2023 local council and presidential elections respectively.

The FIU Director has never served NEC since its establishment several years ago.

The agency of which Mr Konneh is the head has the responsibility of monitoring and providing credible information to stop incidents of money laundering and financing of terrorism in the country.

Quite recently, his name has come up as the preferred choice for the conduct of 2022 and 2023 general elections although he has little or no experience in such filed.

The source has described Mr Konneh as an easy-going man that is willing to dance to the dictates of the incumbent.

The 2023 elections will be hotly contested, and hope of the current government winning the elections runs thin at every tick of the clock.

Many Sierra Leoneans say the ‘New Direction’ Government has failed to honour its promises to the masses.

The current Acting Chief Electoral Commissioner, Edmond Alpha is standing very close at the NEC exit door.

Mr Alpha is greatly feared by the government for his uncompromising stance in his official capacity.

The fear is anchored on the expectation that he would not bow to the pressure of any political party in the upcoming elections.

More news will come out of this story.

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