MP Exposes Huge Salary Disparity

By Ragan M. Conteh

The Member of Parliament representing Constituency 042, Hon Lahai Marah, has informed one of the social media platforms that the country should be sincere in the fight against corruption.

“We cannot use it as political tool to target opponents as in the Sierra Leone case. Let us first highlight the causes of corruption and mitigate those causes,” Hon Lahai asserted.

He furthered that people cannot be in a country where people within the same grade level are not earning the same. He cited the case of the Clerk of Parliament, Secretary to the President and Vice President who are earning way above Le70 million monthly, while the Clerk of Parliament is taking home just Le25 million Leones.

Hon Marah pointed out that Members of Parliament are elected representatives, and they should hold the executive accountable. He continued that the ACC Commissioner is taking home above Le55 million monthly, with the notion that he is fighting corruption and MPs with similar role are given below Le25 million.

The MP said the head of Post Office is taking far above Le60 million monthly, an amount one asked for doing what job.

One of the shocking news, Hon Lahai highlighted, is that of the Financial Secretary earning monthly amount of Le80 million, adding that most of those taking huge chunks of these monies have access to billions of Leones. They award contracts; they sign cheques and do have influence that people may pay for.

“We are not sincere, we are just paying lip service and explaining the policies on corruption,” he told colleague MPs.

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