According to News Media, through police reports cases of murder are on the increase. When a person intentionally kills another without legal justification or excuse, the crime is called murder. It is also defined as premeditated, deliberate killing that occurs with specified felonies such as robbery, rape, or kidnapping. This is called “First degree or murder” in legal terms.

The second type of murder may be defined as the act of unintentionally causing another’s death at the scene of crime.

In this article I will start by saying that the most serious crime one can commit against a fellow human being is to be a direct cause of his death; whatever the type of murder, a single life or more lives are destroyed.

Personally, when I hear of murders, I fell so bad that I wish the murderer should also be killed immediately but the law does not permit it. The most common penalties for offenders are either capital punishment (death by hanging or by a firing squad) or life imprisonment. If I had my way I would advocate for capital punishment.


First, a whole life is destroyed with its inherent potentials and destiny. Secondly, a family may be deprived of their bread winner and the family suffers untold hardships. Thirdly, the person murdered may be an expert in a specialised field, whose national service is brought to a close in the twinkling of an eye, and so on.


According to scriptures God Himself is against murder. GOD’S LAW: “And he that killeth any man shall surely be put to death.” (Leviticus 24:17).

“Whoso sheddeth man’s blood, by man shall his blood be shed; for in the image of God made He man” (Genesis 9:6).

“Whoso killeth any person, the murderer shall be put to death by the mouth of witness; but one witness shall not testify against any person to cause him to die” (Numbers 35:30).

The death penalty (Capital Punishment)

The above stated laws are in line with capital punishment. The death penalty is to pay the murderer in his own coin. Why should a person continue living when he has intentionally killed another person?


Most people who commit murder are possessed by a spirit called “spirit of murder”. Whenever such people are offended or aggrieved, the first thing that comes to their mind is to kill their opponents or enemies. They normally have sadistic tendencies even in minor matters. We are fortunate that most people are not murderers in the physical because they don’t possess the spirits of murder to show that the spirit of murder.

In my school days one of my schoolmates always used weapons (such as sticks or knives), when fighting with a schoolmate. From what happened many years later, I now conclude that he was possessed by the spirit of murder.

After completing his secondary school education, he secured a job in Freetown. Soon he fell in love with a very beautiful woman who was legally married to a dispenser attached to Connaught Hospital in Freetown.

The love became so deep that one fateful night he armed himself with a screw driver and waited in to attack the dispenser. That night the dispenser was returning home when he attacked him, piercing him at the neck. The dispenser died on the spot. (Medical reports revealed that the attacker struck the jugular vein, causing immediate death.

He was apprehended and taken to count where he was sentenced to “life imprisonment”.

I have narrated this true story to show that the spirit of murder in a youth can develop until adulthood and eventually lead to actual murder.

The recent murder cases reported were;

  1. That of a 22 – years man stabbing another young man suspected of being in love with his wife.
  2. A woman stabbed her husband in the chest, killing him on the spot.

Alarming and pathetic as such cases may be, no legislation or sermon that can prevent the occurrence of murder by a person possessed by the spirit of murder working under that propensity, only God can change the nature of such people.

This is why it is not easy to control the increase in cases of murder. We can urge or expect government to find ways to minimise the increase in murder cases but I am yet to see how government can solve a basically spiritual problem.

However, it is possible only through the renewal of the mind through God’s deliverance from that evil spirit.


We may say “No” but it depends on the one who is directly affected by the loss. Read this:

A certain Pastor had two sons whom he had singlehandedly brought up after the death of their mother. One day a boy from the neighbourhood entered the house when the father was out and shot the two boys to death.

The boy (murderer) was subsequently taken to court and sentenced to death. Suddenly the father put up his hand. When allowed to speak, he said, “Don’t kill all of them. I will adopt him”. The judge looked at him intensely and said, “Your request is granted”.” It is easy to find such a man. Normally one would allow justice to take its causes.


Murder behind the scenes is causing more serious incidents of the loss of human lives, unknown to most people. Let me discuss some of them.


Witchcraft thrives on human flesh and blood. They feed on the blood of babies on regular basis. That is the type of operation that occurs in the spirit world which the ordinary eye cannot see or discern. They cause accidents by setting accident traps on the road. They can set accidents for public vehicles where many travellers die. By a special witchcraft process, they siphon the blood of the victims to the satanic bank. They can target a single traveller but would not care whether other travellers die. They cause more murders (eating baby and killing adults through accidents) than those reported to the police or known by members of the public. More people are killed spiritually by witches than those reported to the police on news media. That is why the scriptures say, “Thou shall not suffer a witch to live” (Exodus 22:18).

But sometimes when there is a strong Christian believer who prays before a vehicle starts, the accident does not occur and many lives are saved as in the incident described below:

A certain occult man (wizard) was thirsty for blood and entered a vehicle which he programmed to get an accident as usual. But just before the vehicle started a young Christian boy coughed and said “Let us pray”. The occult man objected and said, “No, we are not going to pray. You cannot impose your religion on us”. But the other travellers said, “Leave the young man alone to pray. After all prayer does not hurt anybody”. The young man prayed and there was no accident on the way. The occult man wondered why his programme failed. He boarded another vehicle and again programmed an accident unfortunately for him the young man also boarded the same vehicle. Before the vehicle started the young man prayed again. There was no accident on the way. When the young man alighted from the bus, the occult man followed him to find out the source of his power. Apart from eating human flesh and drinking human blood, witchcraft destroys destinies, such as future careers, marriages, businesses and health, etc.


Fetish priests often lure people, who are not normally murders, into committing murder. They do not say kill but they ask for human parts. So the client, who wishes to go to parliament or city council, etc., is told to bring a human heart, liver or other parts for the ritual. He then causes the killing behind the scenes.


There are regular cases of young ladies procuring abortion in secret for unwanted pregnancies. But what they do not know is that they are committing murder of a human being who is on the way to the world to achieve his/her God-given destiny. Those guilty of this and the medical people that do the operation should sincerely repent before God and ask for forgiveness, promising not to do it again. Otherwise they are on the road to hell. God can still forgive you if there is true repentance.


Cannibalism is the act of eating other human beings. Those who are guilty of this are called cannibals. Sometime in the past, they were caught and taken to court where they confessed. This is akin to witchcraft because they also eat their victims. Such victims just disappear suddenly.


Reported cases of murder are alarming. The law will normally deal with the murders. But whether legislation can reduce the number of murder cases is anybody’s guess. I also want to say that the number of murders behind the scenes far outweighs those reported and they occur on regular basis.

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