NPPA On e-GP, Functionality Requirements Review Retreat In Bo

On Thursday 8th October 2020, the Chief Executive of the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA), Ibrahim Brima Swarray, together with the Board of Authority, led a team of high level professionals’ retreat on electronic Government Procurement (e-GP) functionality requirements review held at the Galliness Paradise Conference Room, Bo, south of Sierra Leone.

The goal-oriented Chief Executive of NPPA, Ibrahim Brima Swarray, said e-Government Procurement (e-GP) is a collaborative use of Information and Communications Technology (especially the Internet) by government Ministries, Departments and  Agencies (MDAs) and other actors of public procurement community in conducting all activities of Public Procurement Processes in acquisition of goods, works and services with enhanced efficiency in procurement management.

He explained that the e-GP platform is a web based system, which encompasses the total procurement lifecycle and records in every procurement activities.

The purpose of the retreat, he reemphasized, is to maintain complete and up-to-date Public Procurement System activities of all public Agencies as well as provide tender opportunities to all potential tenderers in the country and abroad.

The Board of Authority Chairman, Mr. Albert Herbert Kandeh, reechoed that the vision of the e-GP is to enhance the efficiency and transparency in public procurement through the implementation of a comprehensive e-GP solution to be used by all government Ministries, Departments and Agencies in the country. He said the system, later on, will be rolled-out across all the procuring entities within the shortest time to follow.

The Director of e-GP, Mr. Alie Bangura, reassured that the entire paper-based public procurement activities, undertaken by the government, shall soon be channeled through the e-GP infrastructure and implemented in a standard manner.

He said efficiency, in handling public procurement by the government Ministries, Departments and Agencies, shall be enhanced through automation and process reengineering. “The system shall enable the government to maintain a clear picture of its procurement activities on a real-time basis. By engaging in e-GP, the government catalyzes the supplier community to participate in e-business”, he reaffirmed.

The functionality requirements review retreat was proposed to end on Saturday 10th October 2020.

NPPA remains committed in ensuring full compliance of the legal and regulatory frameworks on Public Procurement and enhancing value for money.


For more information, please contact the Legal and Corporate Affairs Directorate,

National Public Procurement Authority,

 OAU Drive, Tower Hill, Freetown


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