NPPA Saves Government $40M

The Chief Executive Officer of the National Public Procurement Authority (NPPA), Ibrahim Swarray has said his institution has saved government over Le400M.
Swarray said the said sum of money was saved during the third and fourth quarters of 2019 while reviewing procurement processes in various ministries departments and agencies.
The NPPA boss has consistently used end to end reviews of various procurement contracts at the Ministries of Defence, Energy and Power, the Institute of Public Administration and Management (IPAM) and the Bo City Council saving government such an amount.
The Authority had advised the above Ministries to follow due processes in some cases by getting them to give the contracts to the lowest bidders while in some cases to avoid the said contracts owing to its cost on government.
Ministry of Defence entered, the procurement chief said, entered a contract of sensitive military materials and later included insensitive ones contrary to their mandate.
“The NPPA straight off removed the insensitive materials from the contract thereby saving government Le300Bn,” Swarray said.
The same thing, Swarray said, also happened at IPAM, Bo City Council and the Ministry of Energy and Power who, he said were also found to have made additions to their original contracts.
During his one year in office the NPPA under Ibrahim Brima Swarray had also saved government USD $70M.
NPPA, the procurement chief said, had followed the dictates of the National Public Procurement Act of 2016 by re-introducing the Price Norms, review of the central tender documents.
NPPA has also ensured that MDA’s adhere to the development of procurement plans in line with their respective budgets.
The NPPA, early last year, extended its operations to the South and East of the country to support government decentralization process.
The extension of operations was done as huge funds are devolved to various sectors including universities and local councils.
The Executive Director has always maintained that his activities at the NPPA will always move towards addressing the issue of leakages in the public procurement sector as promised by President Bio.

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