NPPA to Table Procurement Report in Parliament

The Chief Executive of the National Public Procurement Authority, Ibrahim Brima Swarray, has told journalists that his institution is set to table before Parliament the annual procurement assessment report for 2018.
The report, according to him, will present the various procurement processes taken by various MDAs as they undertook their respective procurement processes for 2018.
‘’It will clearly indicate what was expensed by all the MDAs in procurement processes for the entire year and also expose those MDAs who failed to follow the acceptable and constitutional rules and procedures in terms of procuring goods, works and services.’’

The NPPA, he continued, will also provide recommendations to Parliament with regards measures to be taken against defaulting MDAs, the NPPA Chief Executive maintained.
Ibrahim Swarray made this closure at a press lunch organized by the NPPA to appreciate the indefatigable role of the media in promoting the work of the NPPA.
The Chief Executive lauded the role of the media since he took up office a year and six months ago and noted that his achievements at the Authority could not have been possible if the media had not provided such support to his institution.

He used the occasion to intimate the press that in 2020 his institution will provide code of ethics and certification for practicing Procurement Officers with the view to professionalizing the profession.
The Chief Executive also stated that in January 2020, the e-procurement Director appointed by the President will take up office at the secretariat.
The e-procurement, according to him, will go live with continuous training and that this process, he noted, will create an enabling environment for an efficient and corrupt-free procurement process in the country.
The Chief also took time to indicate that Sierra Leoneans should no longer wait from the Auditor General’s Report to come out and shout but should support the NPPA to do the right thing that will change the country.
Francis Momoh Gbaya Esq., Director Legal and Corporate Affairs, NPPA, earlier on welcomed the Press to the Lunch and noted that his Department had organized the session to thank the press for their contribution to the Authority over the years.

He indicated that the new reign at the NPPA had undertaken both institutional and policy reforms at the NPPA when he took over as well as decentralizing the activities of the Authortiy in the South of the country to also cover the Eastern region.
Mr. Momoh also took time to update the press that they have also created various media programs on various radio stations in Freetown and in the provinces to cascade the functions and roles of the NPPA which, according to him, was misconstrued by many who thought that the NPPA role was to procure on behalf of government.
He used the opportunity to thank the media and also assured them that the relationship between the entity and the media will be strengthened next year.
Deputy Director, Memuna Tommy, also buttressed what her boss has said about the role and support of the media over the last one year and six months.
She commended the media for being very much magnanimous with their Department especially so when they had commenced many programs a little bit late than expected, but that the media had entertained all of this in the spirit of supporting the Authority.

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