Officials Frown At Delayed SLFA Elections

Officials of the Sierra Leone Football Association (SLFA) have called on the Electoral Committee for elections to be conducted within the shortest period.

The call is a move to halt the persistent delay of SLFA elections as it has the potential to indefinitely prolong the life of the current executive.

In a press release dated 28th September, 2020, SLFA officials collectively take position that portrays their firm stance against the delay.

“Aspirants for elective positions express our concerns over the non-communication and delay in the electoral process for elective positions of the football association,” the release reads in part.

They called on the current executive not to use Corona Virus restrictions as an excuse not to hold the elections.

The release further notes that government has eased the restrictions as 100 people can converge to transact business.

“Government has allowed public gatherings not exceeding 100 people, and our elective congress can be held and conducted with less than 100 people,” the release also notes.

The SLFA officials also demand that the executive members be removed from the entire electoral process to prevent them from interfering and using their office to unduly influence the electoral process.

The Electoral Committee is also requested to ensure that the rules of the game are adhered to.

“The Electoral Committee charged with the mandate to ensure that the electoral process is adhered to in accordance with the statutes must commence the process and lead us to congress in order to ensure that a new mandate and legitimacy is given to a new executive within the shortest possible time,” the release also reads.

The current executive assumed office on 3rd August 2013 and has exceeded their mandate in excess of three years.

The Executive Committee, by law, no longer has any authority to continue managing SLFA affairs.

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