Orange SL helps Hill Station Community

By Allieu Sahid Tunkara
Orange Sierra Leone (OSL), the country’s leading GSM operator, has donated five Milla tanks of 10,000mm each to the people of Constituency 128 to ease the problem of water shortage in the community.
The donated items run into millions of Leones and it is part of OSL’s corporate philanthropy of improving people’s livelihoods in communities they operate.
The donation ceremony attended by Hon. Benjamin Turay, OSL staff and residents of the constituency took place yesterday at the Signal Hill community, West of Freetown.

Prior to the handing over of the tanks to the community, Head of OSL Public Relations, Annie Wonnie Katta told beneficiaries that the tanks would go a long way to solve the problem of water shortage in the community.
Madam Katta also said girls, most times, were at risk in the face of water crisis in communities as they are the target of sexual abuse and other forms of harassments not to be mentioned.
“Girls are at risk of being sexually harassed by men when they leave their homes to fetch water especially at night,” Madam Katta said.

She also reminds the beneficiaries that girls are high risk of contracting the Corona Virus Disease in the quest to make sure water is available in various homes.
Madam Katta promised the community people that they would come back to monitor the donated tanks so that they could get first-hand information about how they are utilised.
“Through our monitoring trips, we get the correct information about how the items are utilised, and to see if there is need to help more,” Madam Katta assured.
Honourable Benjamin Turay is the Member of Parliament representing the constituency.
While receiving the items, Hon Turay commended OSL for the donation of the tanks, which he said would go a long way to help ensure the availability of water in homes.
He told beneficiaries that OSL has shown love, care and concern for the people in his constituency noting that OSL concern for the community is line with the development agenda of government.
“Since we serve a government of development, I will continue to push for the well-being of the community,” Hon Turay assured the community.
In his address to the beneficiaries, the MP equally spoke about the vulnerability of girls in situations of water shortage.
He said the girls are most times harassed by men who own water facilities in communities.
“With the donation of the tanks, girls would no longer be harassed by foolish men in communities,” he said.
Hon Turay assured his people that he would continue to have a cordial relationship with Orange Company for the improvement of the community.
The beneficiaries were happy and pleased with the donation of the tanks by OSL.
One of them, Mohamed Wurie Jalloh tanked the company for a worthwhile and timely donation. He is highly hopeful that with the donation of the tanks, the problem of water shortage would be solved.
This is not the first donation OSL has made such donation to the people of Constituency 128.
The telecoms company has made available series of donations to the community in a bid to improve their welfare.
As the country grapples with the scourge of Corona Virus Disease, OSL has donated hand washing materials for use by the community people to break the virus’s chain of transmission.
Almost two weeks ago, the OSL Company donated food items to ILMU ZIKR mosque at Hill Station to help muslims in the fasting period.
Similar donations of food items were also made to various muslim communities across the country for which the people were grateful.

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