Orange SL Takes The Lead In Ethics And Compliance

Orange Sierra Leone, a globally recognised telecoms company has been paying great attention to ethics and compliance through the investment and expansion of its services in Sierra Leone.

In spite of its limited period (three years) of existence in Sierra Leone, the company’s innovation is already making an indelible foot print in the sands of the telecoms industry.

Suffice it to say Sierra Leone has been ushered to a new era of telecommunications.

Since the telecoms company started operations in Sierra Leone, it has recorded an investment of about US$133M to modernise and expand its network.

The company is also making impressive inroads in its corporate social responsibility and philanthropy in the last three years.

Aminata Kane Ndiaye is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Orange SL.

She told this medium about the ambitious industrial project the telecoms company has been pursuing.

“Orange Sierra Leone is pursuing a strong industrial project in Sierra Leone geared towards covering most the country with telecoms services to improve rural connectivity,” Orange SL CEO assured.

Madam Ndiaye also said the company had acquired 247 sites, completed a total of 147 new sites that connect 1, 170 new communities through which thousands of Sierra Leoneans can access data, voice and financial services for the first time.

“We have been able to make such achievements in just three years of existence,” Orange SL CEO said.

Orange SL, CEO makes it clear that the company currently owns 394 sites across the country with the widest coverage accounting for 74 per cent of the country’s population.

The telecoms company has also shown great interest in the investment of its human resources to enhance effectiveness and efficiency in service delivery to a ballooning clientele.

The company has invested about US$16M in its staff to build their capacity through soft skills, technical and leadership training.

Through training, the company builds talents and skills, retain staff and provide exposure opportunities to other Orange SL affiliates.

As a multi-service provider, the company has placed corporate social agenda on top of its priority list of operational activities.

It is a way of giving back to society through its corporate philanthropy scheme.

The telecoms company has invested about US$400,000 towards women empowerment, health, education and the environment.

Equally, Orange SL has not lost sight of its investment scheme in the Free Quality Education (FQE).

Bearing the conviction that contributing to education is an investment that has no equal anywhere in the world, Orange SL has vowed to spend over US$1.5M in material assistance over a period of five years.

Apart from its contribution to the telecoms industry and the state, the following activities were embarked upon by the company in 2019:

Support the Thinking Pink Foundation in awareness-raising about breast cancer among women through sports and mini-marathon. Financial aid was also provided by the company to the survivors of cancer for further treatment.

2,000 hygiene packs were offered to girls between the ages of 12-18 to fulfil the 2019 FQE commitment.

Support to local entrepreneurs and start-ups through Orange Social Venture Prize.

Launching of the company’s first coding school for young people in Sierra Leone in partnership with the Directorate of Science, Technology and innovation with an estimated expenditure of Le2.75Bn.


Orange SL has always shown an unwavering commitment to the protection of the environment.

Orange SL is on record to have been the first telecoms company to secure an Environmental Impact Assessment licence in 2018 from the Environmental Protection Agency.

The company acquired the licence after a thorough and successful completion of an environmental and social impact assessment study with its consultant, CEMMAT Group Ltd, a company of engineers.

The licence is renewed every year to ensure that the telecoms company carries on business with a high sense of responsibility to mitigate the impact of the company’s activities on the environment.

Owing to its commitment to the protection of the environment, the company received an outstanding award by Shout Climate Change Africa in collaboration with EPA.

For such a noble achievement, the Orange CEO has this to say:

“We note with importance the recognition granted to us as one of Africa’s top business integrity organisations by Africa Leadership awards as it serves as a super motivation for us to keep maintaining and improving our organisational structure. Achieving such feat is based on standard systems that we have incorporated into our working environment. We ensure strict adherence of such systems by all employees regardless of their capacities within the company.”

She also said Orange SL was a signatory to the New York Stock Exchange, a renowned and reputable company that provides the platform for the company to maintain professional business standards.

Orange SL’s environment protection policy is guided by 6 key priorities:

The first policy towards compliance is the support we have been receiving from the company’s top cadre and the strong ties that exist between Orange SL and the Anti-Corruption Commission, the country’s leading compliance machine.

Ensure that the governance structure within the company is well-monitored to ensure that everyone stays within the confines of the company’s procedures and practices.

A strategic risk map analysis has been put in place to provide analysis on potential areas to strengthen, if any, in order to make sure that the company keeps in tune with the ever-changing business environment.

Management also ensures that all policies and procedures are obeyed by third parties dealing with the company. The company similarly ensures that all contracts have compliance clauses and implement a whistle blowing mechanism that keeps everyone with the company’s brand on toes.

Training is also conducted for all company employees.

The company caters for a dedicated department that ensures all specific processes and procedures are adhered to.

Most importantly, Orange SL CEO, Aminata Ndiaye has been appointed to serve in the country’s Anti-Corruption Advisory Council.

The appointment of the company’s CEO has been directly linked to strong internal compliance policies and procedures.

Above all, the company is standing tall in terms of ethics and compliance in the business industry, and it will continue to stand the tallest.

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