Over impasse Between Law School and Council of Legal Education… Bar Association Calls for restrain

By Ralph Sesay
Sierra Leone Bar Association (SLBA) has reacted through a press release to the impasse between the Council of Legal Education and the Sierra Leone Law School, especially the exchange of correspondences on the social media between members of the Council of Legal Education and its negative consequences on the hard-earned reputation of the Council, and by extension the law profession.
‘’We believe that there is an appropriate forum to address issues of such nature which is provided for in Section 5 of the Council of Legal Education Act No. 1 of 1989.’’
The Bar in its release notes that they view the conduct of some members of the council taking unilateral decisions that are unsupported by law as acts which undermine the rule of law and the credibility of the institution.
The Bar Association President that authored the release noted that while they are waiting their representative in Council to present them a report on what has transpired, they crave on the indulgence of the Chief Justice as Chairman of Council to regulate and conduct council members as provided by the Act.
The SLBA also recommended that any decision unilaterally taken by any individual at the Council be put on hold until it is approved by Council; that the governing council legislation of the Council of Legal Education must be adhered to by members of the council; that the action of the learned Attorney General to send the Acting Director of Council on leave be addressed immediately.
The Bar also called for a full scale investigation into the allegations against the Law School and also for the Chairman of Council to safeguard and protect the dignity, respect and nobility of the legal profession in Sierra Leone.

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